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5 Best Hover Boards For Everyone

The technology has certainly given lots of reasons to the younger, fashion conscious lot to have their own style statement and be “cool”. The following 5 Best Hover Boards For Everyone are water-resistant and surprisingly, even large puddles won’t create danger for you of falling down. It is certainly a great news for learners to gain confidence while experiencing adrenaline rush. All of them come with charger, battery pack as well as an instructional manual.

5 Best Hover Boards:

Best Hover Boards

Jetson ES-V2 Gyro

A technological invention can’t be complete without using the best of it. So what, if you are a little on the heavier side, cheer up, as its sturdy body is designed to face the maximum load of 260 pounds. Being waterproof, its dual motors have 4400 mAh Samsung battery which lets you cover the distance of 10 miles as well. Here, the balancing becomes very easy and fun with gyro sensor technology.

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Shark Smart Mini

If you are envious of your friend just because he/she got the coveted hoverboard, then get this one as its overall design, features and durability will leave everyone spellbound. Ensuring a load capacity of 265 pounds, you can easily cover 10 miles. Based on the choice of your color, you can zoom past the road like never before.

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Style has its own value and if you want to carve a niche for yourself, then get this sleek designed hover known both for its value and style. It comes with an additional on-board Bluetooth speaker, enhancing the time further with blasting music. Now, indulge in your favorite “sport” as well as “music” both at the same time.

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Jetson ESBT-V3

You need to be smart in choosing the best and here it is. As it has the highest mileage and also comparably way faster than others. It comes with sophisticated dual batteries which are powered to the core. You can gain a top speed of 13mph and as you do full charge, it is going to run for 13 miles.

The world of electrifying music awaits you with inbuilt Bluetooth speakers coupled with great balancing features as well. It is a mere 28 pounds, but it can ensure the maximum capacity of 220 pounds.

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Electric California

Life is all about enjoying some of the moments to the fullest and this one exactly give you great time of your life. Known for endurance and durability, its design will mesmerize you to the core. Its self balancing makes it quite easy for the learners as well. Its finish is another Oomph factor which will give you Goosebumps. You can cover a distance of 10 miles. Show to the world what you have got.

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Final Thoughts

The post would have certainly instilled sense of excitement and fun. Now, its time to choose the model based on your preference and liking so that the “sport” in you can again come out to full throttle. Thanks to competitive world, the entry of cost-effective Hoover boards has further eased the pockets. After all, even if you have limited budget, they are reasonably priced and offer warranty as well. The world is buying and enjoying their fair share of time. So, what are you waiting for?

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