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WonderView Kick Scooter [Review]

Product Name:WonderView Kick Scooter
Weight:7 pounds
Wheel Size:120mm
Max Load:154lbs
Features:Super- Bright LEDs, Maximum Weight Limit of 154lbs, Fold Down Mechanism Design ,Adjustable PU Wheels.

Something a little different today, as I’ll be taking a look at a scooter that I’ve personally never ridden. And for a very good reason, as the WonderView Kick Scooter for kids simply isn’t designed for large and burly adults like me.

Instead, it’s a unique three-wheel scooter designed specifically for younger children. Along with being an entertaining and enjoyable toy in its own right, this Kids scooter helps younger riders develop balance, coordination, and confidence.

Everything about the scooter has been designed with safety and ease-of-use in mind, making it the perfect first scooter for younger kids. Impressively, it’s capable of accommodating riders up to a maximum weight of 154lbs. Not bad, when you consider the average rider using the thing won’t be close to this kind of weight.

WonderView Kick Scooter

Rather than tearing up the streets at breakneck speeds, this kid’s scooter is all about giving kids the best possible introduction to the world of scooter-riding. In this WonderView Kick Scooter review, we’ll be taking a look at what makes this innovative piece of engineering a top-seller all over the world.

WonderView Kick Scooter Contents

  • 1 Main Unit (scooter).
  • 1 Accessory Box.
  • 1 Instrution Manual.

According to the manufacturer, the official specifications of this Kick Scooter for kids are as follows:

  • Height Adjustable: 26inch to 34 inch
  • Wheels: PU, Flashing, 120mm big front flashing wheels
  • Aluminum Pipe: 1.5mm
  • Wide Deck: 5.3 inches Wide Deck and unique stainless-steel base
  • Max Weight Capacity: 154lbs
  • Foldable Scooter: 100% assembled, easy to storage

Features of the WonderView Kick Scooter

  • The perfect scooter to help kids improve their balance and coordination skills, by way of a safe and accessible scooter that’s an absolute joy to ride.
  • The scooter uses a unique three-wheel system, which combines with a wide kickboard with a non-slip grip for unbeatable safety and comfort.
  • For added fun and excitement, each of the wheels is fitted with a bunch of super- bright LEDs that illuminate when the scooter is in motion.
  • The unique foldable design makes the WonderView Scooter easy to store, carry and take along for the ride, wherever you go.
  • Wonder view 3 wheel scooter

  • Inside and out, the highest-quality materials have been used to create a scooter that can withstand even the harshest punishment.
  • With an impressive maximum weight limit of 154lbs, the manufacturer recommends this quality scooter for children aged 2 to 14 years.

My Experience with the WonderView Kick Scooter

As I said, I can’t speak from my own personal perspective as I didn’t actually ride the scooter myself. I’m not the heaviest of grown men, but could probably snap this thing in half pretty easily! Instead, we left it to my daughter to put it through its paces and share her thoughts. Long story short – she loved it! She’s far from a newcomer to scooters, as she’s had almost as much riding experience as me.

Nevertheless, she’s young enough to appreciate the kind of board that’s as much of a toy as it is a learning experience. I was personally impressed with the build quality of the WonderView 3 Wheel Kick Scooter, which looks to have been put together with genuine care and attention.

Wonder View Kick

Put to the test, and my daughter reliably informs me that the WonderView Kick Scooter delivers a smooth, enjoyable, and exceptionally stable ride. It’s almost impossible to tip this thing over when in use, which I guess is the point of it! Simple yet effective, it can also be folded practically in half for easy storage.

I’m not entirely sure it would be appropriate for kids as old as 14, but it’s right on the money for under-10s. Speaking of which, it’s also a seriously affordable scooter, when you consider the quality of the materials and just how perfect it is for younger kids.


  • The ideal introductory scooter for kids
  • Premium materials and excellent build quality
  • Bright LED lights in the wheels
  • Exceptionally stable and easy to ride
  • Folds down for convenient storage
  • Available at a very competitive price


  • Not suitable for older children


There’s not a great deal left to say that hasn’t already said. If you’ve got kids aged 2 to 10 (I think 14 is pushing it), the WonderView Scooter for Kids could be the ideal scooter to help them get to grips with balance, steering and so on.

Wonder View scooter

Unlike many comparable kids’ scooters, it hasn’t simply thrown together for the cheapest possible price using bargain-basement materials. In fact, I’ve come across quite a few adult scooters that aren’t built nearly as well as this thing. All in all, I’d highly recommend this quality kids’ scooter at its current low price.


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