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Skque 8″ Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name:Skque 8" Self Balancing Scooter
Weight:28 lbs
Wheel Size:8 Inch
Max Load:220 Pounds
Features:10 km/hr Max Speed, 158W LG/Samsung 44000mAh battery pack, 11-15 Miles Max Distant, 500W Motor

Have you ever been hearing the saying that you have “wheels on your feet”? All things considered, I could substantiate this statement with the new Skque 8″ Self Balancing Scooter.

There are generations of people who have tried and tested methods of mobility within confined spaces. There were skates, skateboarding, and then the genius of technology kicked in giving us hoverboards and scooters. Of course! It gets easier because you no longer have to work up a sweat getting by.

The Skque 8″ Self Balancing Scooter is one of only a handful few models that comes UL certified. The scooter comes well protected and it is solid regarding batteries and equipment. It has a vast 4400 mAh battery pack that gives a few hours of fun. Also, the basic remote which comes with this scooter, permits the rider to turn it on or off.

The Skque self-driving scooter can go up to 15 miles on a single charge at the speed of 10kmph (6.2 mph). It uses air-filled tires for an additional smooth ride. This scooter is accessible in 10 unique designs and colors. For safety reasons the top speed of the model has been constrained.

Additionally, it accompanies front confronting LED lights and elastic foot cushions to anticipate incidental slips.

Skque 8 Hoverboard

Skque 8″ Self Balancing Scooter Functions:

  • This two-wheeled self balancing scooter is very portable, easy to maneuver, easier to control and balance on.
  • The wireless remote definitely has the advantage of switch it on and off without a fuss.
  • It has running LED lights on the wheels which helps for the adventurous night rides.
  • The Bluetooth technology comes with this scooter helps listening to music pretty easy.
  • The anti-slip foot grips mean that even your child can use this scooter.
  • The sleek look of the scooter and the added variety of the zingy color combinations make for the Skque scooter an attractive buy.

What Will You Get With This Scooter:

  • Smart balancing wheels,
  • Manual wall charger,
  • Remote control.

Features Of Skque Scooter:

  • The package weighs approximately 26.7 pounds/ 12.11kilos, which means that the scooter is sturdy enough to hold any weight.
  • The scooter comes with Lithium batteries that have received various certifications from America and Europe.
  • Turning radius is Zero, enabling the rider to use the scooter to turn with ease and to access narrow paths.
  • The ability to stand in a stationary place while finding the way is one of the USPs of this scooter.
  • Skque has a unique feature to turn 360 degrees without a glitch, making it easier to maneuver.
  • Two driver motors are strategically placed within the wheels, which aids controlling each wheel independently, hence making it easier to turn, stop, and ride.
  • The robust body and the self-balancing technique makes it simple to learn, even for a person with no prior experience of a skateboard.

Skque Self Balancing Scooter Review

Specifications Of Skque Balancing Scooter:

  • The fact that it weighs about 12 kilo / 27 pounds is special, but it spells volumes of the fact that it can carry a weight of 120 kilo / 264 pounds.
  • This automobile can reach a speed of 10 kmph, which is optimal and gives the rider the efficiency of moving swiftly in smaller avenues.
  • The batteries can be fully charged on an hour or two at the most, which is not very time-consuming.
  • It can run for about 20 – 25 km / 11-15 miles approximately on a full charge which is more than adequate.
  • The wheels are 8 inches wide, which enables for better grip and act as a safety measure as well.
  • The batteries are made of Lithium and have a capacity of 158W LG/Samsung 44000mAh pack.
  • The battery has an input of AC 110-220V 50-60Hz, which is an advantage because the battery can be charged anywhere without having to strain any appliances.
  • The remote control also eases the process of handling by simply giving the rider the wireless freedom to access the features.

Why You Should Get This Scooter Now?

Skque Scooter Review

It is seemingly difficult to tell how important time is and what role it plays in each of our lives. For that fact alone, it is necessary to factor time management in each of our days to find ways and means of bringing things closer while having an adventure of them. This is where this automobile gives one an exemplary feeling of accomplishment.

  • It is Eco-friendly and does not hurt the conscience on the amount of pollution one contributes to.
  • Most definitely aids in recreation even while at work, thanks to Bluetooth and music.
  • The Skque has an edge in time management, hence running errands within a specific area would seem like a breeze.
  • It engages the whole family because it is easy to learn and definitely brings the fun factor with it.
  • In large campuses, it can be used to reach from one building to another faster.
  • In engages, your body is having to balance and maneuver the scooter.
  • Gas station visits will be lesser, which will help you to save a little extra money.
  • It is easier to go into places and spaces that are narrow.
  • Great to use indoors and outdoors.
  • It has many safety certifications on the battery, charger, and for the product itself.
  • Compared to most other devices/automobiles, its price is worthy of it and for a long-term investment, the price does not pinch your pocket.

Few Downsides To Consider:

  • The Skque self balancing scooter is not designed to be maneuvered on rough terrain, so a little thought into where you ride it would help.
  • Although its design is to provide mobility in most places, avoid any watery surface as it does not do well for the motor.
  • Word of caution to the first time riders on the Skque: Be prepared for rather amusing reactions of people passing by.

Skque Self Balancing Electric Scooter

In the end, I would say a few lags do not affect the many merits of this Self balancing electric scooter. The Skque balancing scooter is an attractive, eye catchy automobile with the distinctive ability to transport you within places that take up time otherwise. It is a great source of recreation and can make for many funny, happy, and amusing memories.

It breaks the conventions of the age barrier because the self-balancing makes everyone master the art of the scooter in no time. Its design allows for a feel good factor. The color schemes are rich and the LED lights make the scooter a splendid sight. The music adds to the cool quotient and it will surely take the blues away. Adventure is only a stepping board away!


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