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Skque 6.5″ Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name:Skque 6.5" Self Balancing Scooter
Weight:13 kg
Wheel Size:6.5 inches
Max Load:220 pounds
Features:UL 2272 Certified, smart balancing wheel, 1 Year limited Warranty

Hoverboards are increasingly being used as a form of transport by people who are looking for an ideal and fun-filled alternative to the regular driving, biking, or walking to work or school. And some people just use it for the adventure and fun it provides.

Whatever the reason behind using the hoverboard, it is here to stay. Of the various brands that produce hoverboards now, Skque stands out startlingly with its smart design and special features. Skque is a leading hoverboard brand with its exciting range of hoverboards, which are becoming a craze among holiday shoppers for the high recreational value they provide both indoors and outdoors.

The Skque 6.5″ Self Balancing Scooter is nifty and compact gadget. It is a best seller that promises a stable ride, rapid response and safe control. With an almost nil turn radius, you can easily ride the Skque classic even in a very narrow space. The special design allows a 360-degree turn effortlessly. The two driver motors inside the wheels are deftly controlled with your feet, so it is easy to make any movement whether it is turning, acceleration, rotation or braking.

Skque 6.5 Hoverboard

Skque 6.5″ Self Balancing Scooter Functions:

Skque 6.5″ scooter is a smart hoverboard with two-wheel balance and appealing LED lights. People who are not comfortable balancing on hoverboards would find the Skque self-balancing hoverboard very easy to handle it, as it offers an unwavering ride and quicker response permitting better control and a very safe ride.

The wireless Bluetooth feature is great for listening to music as you ride. You have to just link the Bluetooth to your smartphone.

The hoverboard has a zero turn radius, so you need not to worry about riding in narrow lanes. The high manoeuvrability, flexibility, and LED lighting feature make it a breeze to ride in the daytime or at night with equal dexterity.

Designed especially for kids and newbies to hoverboard-riding, the Skque 6.5” hoverboard is very user-friendly ensuring you a smooth ride always.  With a load capacity of 264 pounds, the self-balancing scooter powered by 500 Watt motor gives a speed of 6.2 mph.

The battery provides a smooth and unhindered ride for about 12 miles. It takes a couple of hours to charge and is completely tested for safety standards ensuring no risk of fire or other mishaps.

The simple design with outstanding features makes the Skque hoverboard an ideal recreation choice at work, home or any other place. The reliable product comes with celebrity recommendation, which is mainly attributed to the trendy and easy to use design. Available in black colour now, newer versions of the product in chromatic and very creative designs are expected soon.

Skque Hoverboard

Using the Skque 6.5-inch classic hoverboard is a breeze.  With three simple steps, you will be ready to have the ride of your life! The first thing to do is press the power switch to turn the power on. Now use one foot to activate the foot switch trigger. This makes the system gear up to the self-balance position.

Next place your other foot on the device to make it function. Use forward or backward movement to control the scooter. And while you manoeuvre the scooter, remember to not do any violent movements with your body, as it can affect the balance.

Features Of Skque 6.5″ Scooter

UL certified: Skque ensures users are not at risk due to any component in the hoverboard. The self-balancing scooter has been tested comprehensively and has passed all required safety regulations, so you can be assured of a safe ride on it.

Most efficient design: The Skque motherboard has undergone several notable improvements especially the gyro sensors, which have been professional, tuned providing the smoothest ever ride. Another area that has seen a vast improvement is the chassis and sturdier shell, which provide unrivalled durability to the hoverboard.

Safe and cool night rides: The bright LED lighting makes night rides a memorable experience. The LED lights coupled with the Bluetooth speaker take cruising to a new level in the Skque classic self-balanced scooter.


  • UL 2272 certification
  • Top Speed: 6 miles per hour
  • Wheel size: 6.5 inch
  • Charging Time: 1 to 2 hours
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Enhanced stabilization
  • One year limited warranty

Skque 6.5” Self-balancing Scooter Review

Skque Self Balancing Scooter

The Skque classic 6.5-inch self balancing scooter is the ideal choice for the casual hoverboarder. It is great fun to ride on with its high quality and durable components and powerful motor. With a quick recharge and max distance coverage, you are sure to have an unhindered ride. The LED lights, Bluetooth tech, easy manoeuvrability and affordable price tag make it a budget-friendly, impressive and safe hoverboard to purchase.

Why should you buy Skque 6.5” Classic self-balancing scooter now?

If you are asking this question, then read the pros and cons of this hoverboard below.


  • The short charging time is highly efficient when compared to competitive brands
  • Sufficient load capacity suitable for most individuals
  • Vibrant and stylish design
  • Max distance of travel is very good
  • Newbies find it great to practice their hoverboard skills due to the smart balancing feature.
  • LED lights provide good visibility at night.


  • The speed is quite low when compared to other competitors, but is just right for beginners and kids who want to have plain fun and not speedy cruising.
  • On rough terrains, the 6.5-inch wheels may not withstand well.

What would you find in the box?

  • Skque 6.5 inch Classic Hoverboard
  • Skque wall charger
  • Skque User Manual


Skque 6.5 inch classic self-balancing scooter is an ideal choice for beginners and celebrities as it is easy, convenient and efficient to ride. Minimal turn radius, driver motors on wheels and innovative design enable easy and quick turns, breaking, acceleration and rotation even in tight spots. If speed is not a criterion for you, this is a perfect choice to enjoy an exciting hoverboard ride fully.


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