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Razor A Kick Scooter [Review]

Product Name:Razor A Kick Scooter
Weight:5.8 pounds
Wheel Size:98 mm
Max Load:143lbs
Features:Durable Aircraft-Grade Aluminium T-Tube, Urethane Wheels with High-Speed ABEC-5 Bearings, Patented Rear Fender Brake, Folding Mechanism.
Razor A Kick Scooter [Review]

With some scooters, customer feedback tells you all you need to know. In the case of the Razor A Kick Scooter, literally thousands of satisfied customers are singing the praises of this cute little contraption. But why this Kick Scooter that makes it so special?

More importantly, does it live up to the hype when put to the test? I spend most of my time reviewing motorized scooters, but I also know my way around a traditional kick scooter. So does my daughter, who I have to say, was more suitable for this thing size-wise than me…a point we’ll get to a little later.

Razor Kick Scooter

With the Razor Kick Scooter, the manufacturer promises aircraft-grade materials, exceptional build quality, and unbeatable performance. All for a surprisingly affordable price, when you consider what you’re getting for your money.

I was sent the pink version to test out (which made me look a little ridiculous), though the Razor A Kick Scooter is available in a whole bunch of different colors and finishes. As for its performance and whether I’d recommend picking one up, the short answer is ‘yes’ with an important ‘but,’ Read on for more.

Razor A Kick Scooter Features

  • The Patented rear fender brake and folding mechanism make this scooter easy to ride, fold and carry light and compact scooter for kids and adults alike.
  • 98mm urethane wheels with high-speed ABEC-5 bearings deliver superior performance.
  • Razor kick scooter for kids

  • Clearly built to withstand even the heaviest punishment, the scooter features an exceptionally durable aircraft-grade aluminium T-tube and reinforced deck with a matte black finish. All of which adds up to an impressive-looking scooter that’s built to last.
  • The bars can be adjusted to suit taller and shorter rides at the flip of a switch.

My Experience with the Razor A Kick Scooter

Let me get one important thing out of the way right now – this thing is far too small for me! I mean, I know it’s been designed and manufactured to be as compact and portable as possible, but I could barely fit both of my feet on the deck.

On the plus side, I’m pretty sure the Razor Kids Scooter is aimed more at kids than oversized men like me so that I can forgive it for this. Small it may be, but it’s also a seriously tough piece of engineering. I trusted my daughter to put the Razor A Kick Scooter through its paces primarily, but I also squeezed myself onto the deck for a high-speed shoot around the neighborhood.

Razor a kids scooter

Boy, oh boy, does this thing move! It’s so cute and compact. I thought I was going to snap it in half, but I couldn’t have been further from the mark. I honestly think I could have squeezed another adult my size onto it, and it wouldn’t have faltered a bit. Considering how lightweight it is, I’m amazed at how tough and durable it is. Simply outstanding, especially if you have kids that aren’t exactly kind and caring for their toys!


  • Very fast and smooth ride
  • Exceptionally tough and durable
  • Easy to adjust and fold away
  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Superb value for money


  • Too small for larger adults


I’m still not 100% sure whether the Razor Kids Scooter is designed for adults, or exclusively for kids. However, I can say without hesitation that it’s one of the neatest, fastest and toughest scooters of its kind I’ve ever come across.

When these guys say they’ve used aircraft-grade aluminium in its frame, they’re really not kidding. Hence, if you’re a large and burly bloke looking for a sensible form of transportation, this probably isn’t the scooter for you. But if you’re looking for a top-rated kids’ toy that’s guaranteed to stand the test of time, this is it.

Razor a kick scooter

It’s the classic case of ‘buy right, buy once’–you can throw pretty much anything you like at this thing, and it’ll come out unscathed. A million miles from the usual ‘disposable’ scooters for kids and unbeatable value for money at its current price.


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