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EPIKGO Sports Plus Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name:EPIKGO Sports Plus
Weight:33 lbs
Wheel Size:8.5 inches
Max Load:200 lbs
Features:UL 2272 certified, Certified LG smart battery, 1-year warranty

Wear your shoes and dress up for the coolest ride, making its way to your home. With EPIKGO introducing its latest addition to the self-balancing scooter and bringing a revolution in the way you travel, the innovation and technology are now going to be under your foot. The latest model of self-balancing scooter by EPIKGO, i.e., the EPIKGO Sports Plus is a beautiful blend of technology, innovation, and style.

EPIKGO Sports Plus Hoverboard

With smarter design and sporty look, the EPIKGO sports plus self-balancing scooter is all set to treat all the riders with some surprising additions and cool new features.

The EPIKGO Sports Plus with its edgy and smart look leaves the earlier models behind and brings in better and fancier riding. The design has been technologically improved and reimagined with a sleeker yet sportier look.

After setting a mark with the earlier classic and sports designs, the Sports Plus is a flashy, techie, and safety hoverboard for the sporty rider in you.

EPIKGO Sports Plus Functions

The new EPIKGO Sports Plus uses the same gyroscopic technology that it has used in its earlier sports models like Classic and Sport which have been famous in the travel technology recently.

EPIKGO Sports Plus Functions

When you compare the features of the previous models, the EPIKGO Sports Plus is smarter, sleeker, and more powerful. The hoverboard is made with the premium quality material and components which make the body tough, durable, and lasting.

The safety standards are certified and the hoverboard EPIKGO Sports Plus has gone through almost 159 tests in regards to the safety regulations of the government as well as detection of any potential fire dangers. EPIKGO Sports Plus is UL 2272 certified and also brings in trust in the areas of safety and battery usage.

One of the features that make the EPIKGO Sports Plus outshine the other models is its durability to even operate in water. The hoverboard is entirely water-resistant and is IP56 certified. Therefore, your ride is going to feel like a soft breeze whether it be steep slopes or a rainy day.

The EPIKGO Sports Plus has also been put through several tests regarding the potential hazard to the environment, and it has safely passed the tests, making its name in one of the eco-friendly gadgets that facilitate travel.

EPIKGO Sports Plus And Skque

The maximum weight allowed to ride on this hoverboard is 200 lbs while the minimum is 40 pounds. The enhanced power backup makes it easier to get the scooter riding for longer journeys, and with the 400 W motor working to make the hoverboard all the more powerful, it easily operates on any surface.

EPIKGO Sports Plus Scooter Features

Protection Guarantee

EPIKGO Sports Plus is made up of polycarbonate and promises the user a vigorous and sturdy performance in riding. With diagnosed safety and protection, it is easily the most powerful self-balancing scooter. The scooter has a Battery Management system with multiple layered battery protection to save any hazard from appearing on the face of the material.

Certified with UL 2272 certification and proven with IP56 water resistance, this 400 W motor equipped hoverboard is powerful enough to move safely across all sorts of fields with great power and speed.

Smart Usage of Battery

The battery system of the EPIKGO Sports Plus is designed smartly to meet the needs of every rough use. Covered with layers of protection and a close monitor to detect voltage, any rise or fall in charge is perfectly identified. The battery is safe even with the overcharging and the detectors display the same with the help of the LED lights on the surface of the hoverboard.

The Roller Coaster Ride

EPIKGO Sports Plus Tyres

Being redesigned with sporty features and performance, the EPIKGO Sports Plus has gear attachments which make controlling speed and gliding easier. The hoverboard is equipped to ride well on a slope of 30 degrees, and the 400 W powerful motor guarantees complete control over it when you ride. With better tracking, movement, and speed, the EPIKGO Sports Plus promises to be the perfect ride for your experience and travel.

Safety in Use

UL 2272 certification, IP56 fire resistance, maneuvered body, rubber grip on tyres, multi-layered battery protection, Battery LED indicators, and the ability to work on learner and professional board all guarantee the safety of using this self-balancing scooter by EPIKGO. With BMS, the scooter is further enhanced with battery security even in the roughest of weather conditions.

What are the special features of EPIKGO Sports Plus?

  • UL 2272 certification
  • IP56 fire resistance certified
  • Top Speed: 12 mph
  • 30-degree steep riding
  • Bluetooth 4.0 speakers
  • 400 W power dual-motor
  • UL 2271 LG smart battery
  • All terrain 8.5 inches streamlined wheels
  • Improved stability
  • Fast charging technology
  • 1-year warranty

What are the pros and cons?

EPIKGO Sports Plus Self Balancing Scooter

Built with the finest of technology and safety standards, the EPIKGO sports plus is everything that a rider dreams of. But it has its own range of pros and cons which are important to know.


  • Long lasting battery
  • Stronger motor for better control
  • UL certified battery protection and guaranteed by Amazon
  • Water resistant
  • 30-degree steep ride possible
  • Fast charging possible for emergency moves


  • No speed set-up for the learners

EPIKGO Sports Plus Overall Review

EPIKGO Sports Plus Hoverboard

EPIKGO Sports Plus provides the smoothest ride on the roughest of roads and even on steep slopes with a powerful dual motor. With security in the battery system, system indicators and equipped with water resistance certification, this hoverboard is the right choice for solo travels around the area.

EPIKGO Sports Plus has been constructed with sporty outlook and with absolute safety standards for the user. With the LG smart battery system, LED indicators for battery, Bluetooth 4.0 speakers, 400 W powerful dual-motor engine, and water resistance, the EPIKGO Sports Plus is the ideal choice for professionals as well as beginners.

Bold, sporty, and sleek in looks and performance, EPIKGO Sports Plus sets the equation just right for you complemented with the desired level of safety. We give this hoverboard a 5 rating out of 5.


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