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EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name:EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter
Weight:26 pounds
Wheel Size:23 x 7 x 7 inches
Max Load:240 pounds
Features:UL 2272 Certified, all terrain, LG certified Smart Battery, 400W dual motor, 1 Year Warranty

In spite of its late entry into the self-balancing electric scooter field, EPIKGO has managed to come up with a very effective hoverboard that competes with the existing players on equal footing. The EPIKGO UL2272 certified self balancing scooter is brimming with powerful features making it a product with exceptional safety and performance oriented features.

EPIKGO Hoverboard

Epikgo has created reliable self-balancing boards that pass the UL certification required for such boards. The multiple mode roll-out enables riders to pick the right board for any type of journey they need.  The dual motor in the hoverboard is equipped to take on any type of terrain smoothly. In fact, it is leading in the all-terrain hoverboard category.

The motor is capable of propelling the scooter to speeds of about 12 km/hour and this speed is maintained even on an uphill ride of a 15-degree angle. The 400 W motor on the two wheels is nearly 80% more potent when compared to the other similar hoverboards.

EPIKGO Self balancing Scooter Functions

EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Functions

Epikgo self-balancing scooter has a robust design that gives durability and boosts overall riding experience when you ride it.  The wheel cover is made of indestructible aluminum and the ABS body chassis is highly durable.

The sturdy tires made of solid rubber can cruise in any type of terrain effortlessly. Whether it is pavement, grass or dirt road, the hoverboard delivers top line performance irrespective of the weather condition or road.

The battery gives a standard distance of nearly 12 miles with a single charge, so you can ride more distance on less charge. The battery charges within two hours’ time, which is really fast when compared to other competitor hoverboards in the market.

Made of 37V 4300mAh batteries, the hoverboard comes with UL2271 certification, which makes it safe to ride on without worries about fires or other damage. Epikgo also has additional IP54 certification, which guarantees its water-resistant and semi-submersible qualities.

As hoverboards are more ideal for kids and students who are never without their earphones, Epikgo has also included excellent entertainment feature with its Bluetooth Speakers.  The 4.0 Bluetooth feature enables easy and clear streaming of music, as you surf the roads on Epikgo self-balancing board.

EPIKGO Vs Other Brands

The rubber tires of 8.5 inches provide fantastic grip. The big wheels and great grip allow easy riding over obstacles.  Although the hoverboard has only 18-degree climbing ability, you can easily go over low curbs at accelerated speed, which is not possible with other smaller hoverboards.

The ABS cover prevents most of the crashes, while the steel covers on the wheel provide excellent protection from damage to the interior.  Thus the hoverboard is sturdier than all other hoverboards with no issues about breaking of the hoverboard.

The LED lighting is very handy while riding at night. With the back and front lights, you will be easily identified by others while you ride at night.

EPIKGO Hoverboard LED Lights

Features of Epikgo Self-balancing Scooter

Safety at its best:

EPIKGO Hoverboard Safety Features

With Epikgo you can rest assured about complete safety while riding, as it has the industry best standards in safety. With UL2272 certification on the board and UL2271 certification for Smart battery from LG, the hoverboard is safe from any potential fire hazards. It has passed over 159 tests on safety regulations.

Most Powerful:

With dual 400 Watts motors, the Epikgo hoverboard is fully powered to cruise at a speed of 10 miles per hour for more than an hour on a single battery charge. It can also climb slopes, which are up to 18-degree steep. Unlike the other hoverboards, the motors in the Epikgo are placed on the board rather than on the wheels. This gives more space on the board leading to better stability.

Cruise on any terrain:

You can ride the Epikgo UL 2271 in any type of terrain including mud, sand, grass and more as it is built of a sturdy body, solid tires, powerful motor and lasting battery. The IP65 certification ensures you can ride through water without any worries.

Big and mean machine:

EPIKGO Hoverboard Tyres

When compared to competitor hoverboards in the market, the Epikgo scores in all aspects right from the powerful motor to its UL 2271 certified battery. It is powerful and larger ensuring better ride, space, and control for the rider. With the fast-charging battery, it is a very sophisticated and robust product to purchase.

EPIKGO Self balancing Scooter Top Features

  • UL 2272 certification
  • UL2271 certification for smart battery
  • Top Speed:  10 miles per hour
  • Tire size: 8.5inch
  • Charging Time: 2hours
  • Weight: 26pounds
  • Enhanced stabilization
  • One year warranty

Why should you buy Epikgo self-balancing scooter now?

EPIKGO Hoverboard In Action

Epikgo self-balancing scooter Review

The Epikgo, albeit appearing only recently on the hoverboard scene, has made its entry with a bang. With a capability of cruising on any terrain and at 12.1 miles per hour speed, it can easily overtake all other hoverboards. And all this is accomplished on a single battery charge.

The hoverboard comes with dual 400 watt motor on its wheels, which climb an 18-degree uphill slope effortlessly. The motor, battery and body design powers the hoverboard giving it a highly stable balance. The sturdily built body makes it tough to crack even in extreme conditions.


  • The entire board is strongly built
  • Can travel on any type of terrain easily
  • Great speed makes it pleasure, which improves further when you overtake your fellow hoverboarders effortlessly
  • Super powerful motors provide good balance
  • Whether it is sand, pavement or gravel the tires have a great grip
  • Safe to ride on.


  • The larger wheels place your center of gravity at a higher level, which can cause some stability issues.


EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter In Action

Overall, the Epikgo hoverboard provides an excellent balance when it comes to features and price.

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If you are looking to use your hoverboard on gravel, grass or dirt a lot, this is an ideal hoverboard to buy. It is safe, study and racy with an excellent balance. With an extensive range of beneficial and exciting features, it is not surprising that it is the best electric scooter for all hoverboard enthusiasts.


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