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How Easy Is It Ride A Self Balancing Scooter

Self balancing scooter or hover board is a fun ride loved by children’s and teenagers and not only these people, but also has become a trend in Bollywood. It is very simple to use and anybody can learn easily to ride on it by just applying simple steps before riding. Here I am going to teach you some simple steps to help you learn how to ride self balancing scooter.

Ride A Self Balancing Scooter

Get on to Step on It

In the starting you need to hold on calmly first and take support of something to start. To step up on it first place your one foot on the board, then slowly change your weight up onto that foot balancing your weight. Then you are ready to step up your other foot on the board when you completely shift your weight on the self balancing scooter. It’s just very simple way and can be done by slowly stepping up your leg one by one.

Stand Still and Calm

Don’t panic or get afraid as, if you move a little you will fall down, so you need to focus on your balance and stand still. You can even take some support for some time to accomplish your balance and focus on hover board not on the ground and ignore your fear which is priceless.

Get Balanced Fully

Once you have set yourself and balanced your foot you can step forward to ride on a plain surface. To move forward you can take help of support like side walls or fetches or even my friend used to take support of his car as he made rounds and round of his car 3 – 4 times to learn. It will also help you to learn how to take turns while on road and other basics.

Start your Ride

Now, after all effort you should test yourself and start riding by slowly moving away and work on increasing speed. You can also take care of your curves to change directions. Don’t get frustrated when you fall down or get hurt as its first stage of your ride and small injuries are a common thing. You can take help of someone to walk with you when you are in ride by holding your hands.

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Work on Speed Up

Only learning is not enough as speed is also necessary so work towards improving your riding speed. As it’s said that practice makes a person perfect, so practice on cracks and on hills sideways and also texture transactions.

Get Off as you Started

Footing down from the hover board is just like stepping up on it so you can do the same by first keeping your first leg down on the ground then slowly put out your weight then the other foot. It’s as simple as it looks, but needs practice and never try to jump from it to get off as it’s not skate board and it can injure your knees and you usually wipe out bad with disaster.

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