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XtremepowerUS Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name:XtremepowerUS Hoverboard
Weight:24.6 pounds
Wheel Size:6.5 inches
Max Load:200 pounds
Features:UL Certified, Lithium Ion Batter, Environment Friendly Design, Comes with Carrying Case, 1 Year Warranty

Budget scooters are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days. But in most instances, handing over a smaller price means compromising in a couple of key areas at least. As such, with a purchase price in the region of $200, you’d expect it to be pretty much the same deal with the XtremepowerUS Self Balancing Scooter.

For this kind of price, you wouldn’t expect comprehensively mind-blowing performance. But given how far hoverboard technology has come over recent years, you’d also expect something solid enough for your money.

The XtremepowerUS certainly looks the part, and the manufacturer (of course) has nothing but good things to say about it. But what’s the story when the XtremepowerUS is put to the test?

XtremepowerUS Hoverboard

With such a huge range of boards up for grabs these days for around the same price, does the XtremepowerUS take the lead over its closest rivals?

XtremepowerUS Hoverboard Package Contents

  • 1 Main unit (scooter).
  • 1 Charging cable/Plug-In adaptor.
  • 1 User Manual.

XtremepowerUS Self Balancing Scooter Features

1) First up, the XtremepowerUS self balancing scooter scores big points for its equally large 10-inch air-filled tires. The kind of thing that instantly guarantees a much smoother ride on all sorts of terrain, not to mention better usability on the rough stuff. According to the manufacturer, the XtremepowerUS does the job on grass, mud and even sand.

2) A variety of colour choices are available, each of which coming with corresponding ‘hubcaps’ to finish the wheels in the same colour.

3) Power comes courtesy of a two-hub 350-W motor, which is pretty much the usual standard for a board around this kind of price. Though impressively, the product specifications state that the XtremepowerUS is capable of flying along at just under 10mph – a shade better than others that top out closer to 8mph.

4) Equally impressive is the claim that a single change is enough to take the XtremepowerUS anything from 12 to a full 15 miles. If accurate, this vastly outperforms a variety of similar scooters selling for the same kinds of prices.

5) Though clearly not designed for heavier types, the XtremepowerUS can still hold up to 176lbs as its maximum capacity. That said, they recommend keeping its load below the 170lbs mark for optimum performance.

6) The XtremepowerUS is fully UL 2272 certified, which means it’s as safe as they come in terms of battery protection. In fact, I’d never advise picking up or even riding a scooter that doesn’t carry this certification as standard.

7) There’s a built-in speaker so riders can take their tunes with them on the go, which according to the manufacturer is bigger and more powerful than the average. In any case, it’s another standard to look for when picking up a board for this price or above.

8) Super-bright LED lights make for safer riding in hours of darkness – not to mention a pretty cool light show.

9) Last but not least, claims to fame for the XtremepowerUS round off with the promise of charging times of just 60-120 minutes. Which when coupled with its extremely impressive range adds up to a solid package.

My Experience With XtremepowerUS Hoverboard

XtremepowerUS Hoverboard On Road

As far as first impressions go, the XtremepowerUS Hoverboard neither blew me away nor disappointed me. By no means is it a scooter that looks and feels cheap or poorly produced. But at the same time, it also doesn’t come across as ultra-premium.

Admittedly, I dropped the damn thing while unboxing it (my fault entirely) and discovered just how easy the paint scrapes off. So if you plan on having any collisions, your XtremepowerUS isn’t going to look great for too long!

Still, looks aren’t everything, so I’m happy to put this to one side. Mount the XtremepowerUS, and it’s the same story once again – good enough, but far from outstanding. It’s clear from the first ride that the XtremepowerUS has been designed with lighter users in mind.

What’s more, I have to say it was a little wobblier than I expected when first getting used to it. Not a problem if you know your way around a board, but could be a little tricky for newbies.

Once up and running or rolling, the XtremepowerUS scooter become much more impressive. As expected, those generous-sized tires make for a seriously smooth ride and are up to par both on and off-road.

I wouldn’t advise attempting to tackle loose sand or soft mud with it, but for a bit of dirt and grass here and there, no problem. It keeps the manufacturer’s promise of dealing with inclines of up to 17-degrees, though to be honest things get quite laborious before this mark.

I’d say the top-speed estimate of near 10mph is a little on the optimistic side – I found the XtremepowerUS hoverboard to run more around 8mph to a max of 9mph.

Likewise, you might get 15-miles out of it if you weight next to nothing and stick to smooth roads, but with me, it was done closer to 10 miles. Still, this hardly adds up to anything disastrous when considering the seriously low price of the thing.


  • Very smooth ride provided by the 10-inch air-filled tires
  • The Bluetooth speaking is more impressive than expected
  • Decent range and top speed for such an affordable scooter
  • Looks good out of the box
  • Solid construction and battery safety certified


  • The paintwork scratches off way too easily
  • It’s not the fastest or most powerful scooter out there
  • The top speed and range claims are a little exaggerated
  • Tends to struggle a bit with inclines


XtremepowerUS Hoverboard Review

On the whole, I can’t really say anything too negative about the XtremepowerUS self balancing scooter when considering its price. Admittedly, the manufacturer makes a couple of pretty epic claims that the board itself perhaps can’t live up to.

But regarding covering the basics, it’s right up there with anything else for around the $200 mark. The XtremepowerUS is all about basic fun and enjoyment – not power and performance. And with a charging time of as little as one hour, it delivers the kind of fun and enjoyment that just keeps on coming!



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