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VEEKO LH-C Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name:VEEKO LH-C
Weight:22 lbs
Wheel Size:6.5 inches
Max Load:225 lbs
Features:UL 2272 Certified Hover board, 9.6 mph MAX Cruising speed, Professional gyroscope, Acceleration sensor and servo-control system, 1 year warranty

There was a time when spending around $200 on a self-balancing scooter meant settling for a piece of garbage. Perhaps even one of the downright dangerous devices shipped in from overseas that were linked with all manner of accidents. In short, you were better-off not bothering at all.

These days though, things have taken a much-needed turn for the better. Case-in-point example being the VEEKO LH-C, which for a price of around $200 delivers the goods in spades. It’s not the fastest, flashiest or most feature-packed scooter out there. But what it offers for this low price is value for money that can’t be topped.

VEEKO LH-C Hoverboard

VEEKO has done a great job over that past couple of years proving that entry-level doesn’t have to mean substandard. Just because you don’t want to spend a fortune doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a premium board. That said, the VEEKO LH-C, of course, has its limitations, which I’ll be going through to give you a fair impression of what’s on offer.

VEEKO LH-C Package Contents:

  • 1 Main unit (scooter).
  • 1 Charging cable/Plug-In adaptor.
  • 1 User Manual.

VEEKO LH-C Hoverboard Features

VEEKO LH-C Hoverboard

1) First and foremost, the VEEKO LH-C has received full UL 2272 certification, meaning it’s as good any out there when it comes to battery safety. This, in turn, means total peace of mind for you and your family – demand nothing less with any board you buy!

2) With a top speed of just under 10mph and a cruising speed closer to 6mph, the VEEKO LH-C races past many of its rivals in this department. What’s more, there’s also an audible alarm that sounds when the board comes close to its top speed, in order to tell you to perhaps slow things down a little.

3) Powered by two high-end 350-watt motors, the VEEKO LH-C doesn’t feel or perform like a cheap board. In fact, it does the business on inclines of up to 15 degrees, without even breaking a sweat!

4) The VEEKO LH-C also impresses when it comes to its range, which can be as high as 9 miles given ideal conditions. Speaking of which, the VEEKO LH-C performs like a dream of a smooth surface, though isn’t really up to a great deal off-road.

5) A full charge takes between 2 and 3 hours, meaning there’s never long to wait before heading out and about once again. The non-slip tires make for a comfortable ride in all conditions.

6) Speaking of which, the VEEKO LH-C earns huge kudos for being IP54 rated waterproof. Which means it can be used in all weathers and conditions – precisely where many of its rivals for three-times the price lose their luster.

7) Along with being available in a variety of colors, the VEEKO LH-C also boasts super-bright LED lights, for that added touch of safety when riding at night.

My Experience With VEEKO LH-C

The truth is, I never expect too much from a $200 board. But I was willing to keep my mind open with the VEEKO LH-C. Not that I needed to – it pretty much blew my mind from start to finish!

Let’s just get this straight right now, before going any further. The VEEKO LH-C isn’t the fastest board, the most powerful board, the most versatile board or even the best-looking board. But for this kind of price, I challenge you to do any better.

First of all, it took my 200lbs weight like it was nothing. On standard surfaces, it delivers the kind of smoothness and responsiveness you’d expect from a board at least twice the price.

It’s also built to cope with everyday inclines with ease – just as long as things don’t get too steep.


The speed isn’t exactly insane, but it’s more than quick enough to get you around. Also, I thought I’d give the VEEKO LH-C a try in the rain, just to see how it performed.

Braving the deluge, what impressed me more than the fact that it worked was how much grip those tires delivered when it mattered most.

I wouldn’t advise flying around the place like a maniac when it’s wet but keep things sensible, and this thing just doesn’t know how to let you down on wet ground.

In the sales spiel, they talk of the VEEKO LH-C being a dab-hand in dealing with grass, mud and even sand.

I can confirm the first of these, though to be honest, I didn’t think it’d stand a chance of getting me across loose sand or soft mud. So I didn’t bother trying…and nor would I advise anyone else to!

Still, given that it’s a board primarily designed for smoother surfaces, I can’t really highlight this as a downside.


  • Way more power and performance than you’d expect for the price
  • A great looking board with plenty of safety features
  • Decent range on ideal surfaces and great in the wet
  • Fully waterproof
  • Highly durable design with an extensive warranty
  • Hard to beat for around $200


  • Not a great many features beyond the basics
  • Perhaps not as capable off-road as it might be
  • Top speed and range not the best


To be honest, if you told me the VEEKO LH-C was $300, I’d still be impressed. And I’d still recommend it to just about anyone. The simple fact of the matter is that if you’re looking for something safe, simple and reliable, look no further.

The VEEKO LH-C wasn’t designed to break any land-speed records or pack its own supercomputer. Instead, it was built to get you around with ease and make every journey a ton of fun.

It does both of these things in spades, to such an extent that it stands shoulder-to-shoulder with a fair few boards for twice the price. The only slight criticism would be that it lacks a beginner setting, so it can feel a bit wobbly to start with.

Well, for about 15 minutes at the most, after which it feels like you’ve been riding the thing for years!


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