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Vecaro TREK-X-CMGR 8.5″ Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name:VECARO TREK-X-CMGR 8.5
Weight:32 pounds
Wheel Size:8.5 inches
Max Load:250 lbs
Features:UL 2272 Tested and Certified, Ride Control Mobile App, Powered by Samsung 36V Lithium-ion Battery, Instant Stability Sensors, Bluetooth Availability, Monster Truck Style Wheels, Auto Balance Technology, 2 Riding Modes, and 5 Levels Battery Indicator.

The hoverboards hit the market in 2015 with a big thud. What was once a fantasy vehicle was becoming a reality, and people were going bonkers about this new kid in the town.

Although these devices experienced a few glitches along the way, they’ve come back stronger with more safety features and super functionalities thanks to the advancements in science and technology.

Today, the hoverboard has made it to the wish list of kids, teens, and adults alike. If you’ve seen anyone ride these cool and stylish gizmos, probably you would’ve wished for one too! The popularity of the hoverboards has gone so high these days that you can find countless brands in the market.

Vecaro TREK-X-CMGR 8.5″ Self Balancing Scooter

So, when buying a hoverboard, what are the things you need to keep in mind? A good hoverboard should be robust, durable, easy to use, comfortable, efficient, cost-effective, and above all, safe. You may also want to consider features like all-terrain riding and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Vecaro TREK-X-CMGR 8.5″ hoverboard fulfills all these requirements and its a great option for anyone. So, let’s go through the features, functions, and specifications, of this hoverboard.

Functions of Vecaro TREK-X-CMGR 8.5″ Hoverboard

With advancements in technology, the hoverboards of today come with extraordinary features and a top-class performance. The Vecaro TREK-X-CMGR 8.5″ Self-balancing scooter is brimming with features and functions that can make your ride a comfortable and exciting one.

It may take a few minutes to get used to riding a hoverboard, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll know how easy it is to control and manoeuvre. You just need to apply appropriate pressure on the footpad, depending on how and where you want to go.

In fact, after a continuous usage, you’ll start to feel that the device is just an extension of your body.

Off-road Riding

The Vecaro 8.5″ Hoverboard is designed for flat surfaces as well as off-road riding. It has monster truck style wheels which provide enough balance and grip so that you don’t fall on slippery surfaces.

Vecaro 8.5 Hoverboard Review

These wheels allow you to travel on all terrains, including bumpy roads, grass, snow, gravel, mud, and dirt. This hoverboard allows you to ride on the rough terrains just as easily as you would ride on flat and smoother surfaces.

The auto balance feature of this hoverboard makes it very stable so that you can easily get on and off the foot pedal.

Safe and Secure

Every Vecaro 8.5″self-balancing scooter undergoes UL2272 testing and reaches the customer’s hands only after being certified by the Underwriters Laboratories.

UL certification ensures that the battery, electrical drive, and charging systems are all safe to use. So, when you buy this device, you can be sure of enjoying a safe ride without having to worry about problems like overheating, sparks, smoke, and fire hazards.

Bright LED headlights are integrated into the device for a safer ride during the night.

Faster and Smoother Ride

This Hoverboard offers a comparatively better and faster ride than many of the other hoverboards available. With a top speed of 10 mph and an 11-mile range, the Vecaro TREK-X-CMGR is powered by the Samsung 36V lithium-ion battery that ensures you the longest possible ride.

Mobile App for Better Control

Vecaro offers a ride control mobile app that allows the riders to control the acceleration and speed, shift between beginner and advanced riding modes, and set steering sensitivity of the hoverboard.

With this app, not only can you ride according to your level of expertise, but you also get information about your speed, trip durations, and battery level.

Features of Vecaro TREK-X-CMGR 8.5″ Hoverboard

The all-terrain Vecaro off-road self-balancing scooter is packed with features that make it stand out from many of the other hoverboards. Let’s see what these features are:

UL2272 Certification

The Vecaro TREK-X-CMGR is UL2272 tested and certified, ensuring maximum safety from fire hazards.

Ride Mobile App

Vecaro off-road self balancing scooter

The Vecaro ride mobile app allows riders to control the speed, acceleration, and sensitivity of the hoverboard. The app also allows you to check the battery level and switch between beginner and advanced riding modes.

Auto-Balance Feature

The Auto balance feature keeps the boards stable, making it easy for the rider get on and off. Because of this technology, anyone can ride the device without the fear of falling.

Samsung 36V Li-ion Battery Power

Powered by the most reliable Samsung 36V Li-ion batteries, you can ride as far as 11 miles with an optimum speed of 10 mph when fully charged. It will take about 2.5 hours to recharge the batteries fully.

Integrated Bluetooth Speakers

If riding the hoverboard wasn’t fun enough, how about listening to your favorite music while on the go? The Vecaro TREK-X-CMGR hoverboard is fitted with high-quality Bluetooth speakers that let you enjoy your music as you glide through the roads.


  • Stylish and futuristic design
  • The maximum speed of 10 mph
  • Maximum load capacity of 240 pounds
  • LED headlights for safer rides during the night
  • Mobile app to control the speed, acceleration, and steering sensitivity
  • 8.5″ tires that deliver an all-terrain experience
  • Wireless Bluetooth speakers to enjoy your favourite music on the go


  • It takes 2.5 hours to recharge fully
  • A bit costly

Bottom Line

Hoverboards have taken personal transportation to the next level by incorporating the most modern advancements in transportation technology with an element of fun and excitement.

Vecaro TREK-X-CMGR 8.5 Hoverboard

The Vecaro off road 8.5″ self-balancing scooter is robust, durable and can ride over different types of terrains. A high-quality, self-balancing hoverboard with a rugged design, the TREK-X-CMGR is the perfect personal transportation device for those who want some adventure and fun off the road.


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