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SURFUS HR JUNIOR Self Balancing Scooter

Weight:14 lbs
Wheel Size:4.5 inches
Features:UL 2272 Certified Hover Board, Fast-Charging Technology, 250W Dual Motors

Hoverboards combine fun and efficiency in a significant way that enhances and enriches the transportation of tomorrow. They are ideal for children going to school, mothers going for shopping in the town, and professionals who want to reach office on time.

They also offer a green alternative to environmental enthusiasts, who wish to reduce the carbon print. While there are hesitations about the safety of hoverboards such as the battery catching fire, people stumbling, etc., good engineering design can eliminate these problems, and Surfus has done precisely that.

SURFUS HR JUNIOR Self Balancing Scooter

Born with the safety first philosophy, Surfus HR Junior self-balancing scooter is designed from the ground up to bring the best of design, safety, and quality to the customers. This well-researched product has pushed the boundaries of mechanical and electrical engineering and promises to revolutionize the Hoverboard market.

Features of Surfus HR Junior Hoverboard

Safety Aspects

This SURFUS HR Junior has been credited with three of the highest safety certifications required for safety and quality, including UL2272, UL 60950-1, and UL2271.

This Surfus HR Hoverboard is equipped with smart shield battery technology and smart battery management system that guarantees much higher safety of the battery by eliminating the issues like catching fire or overheating.

It also has built-in short circuit protection so that when the device gets too hot, it will turn off automatically. It is made of the fire retardant material, and the rider can enjoy his ride without worrying about safety issues.

Design and Build Quality

Surfus HR junior 4.5″ Hoverboard has an innovative and uniquely designed board built with sound engineering principles that give you confidence while riding. Its design has over 130 patents that boast the technical prowess that went into the process.

SURFUS HR Junior Hoverboard

Its frame is made of high strength alloys, which give the hoverboard rugged characteristics. It has a hard outer body casing, which provides more strength and also comes with underbody protection.

The material is sturdy and also simple to carry. It also has a nice polished look, which is the main attraction. It has a highly ergonomic design with a non-skid foot pad that renders a good foot grip while cutting corners.

It is lightweight and can handle up to 220 pounds. This surfboard has pioneered an innovative vector equilibrium technology, which assists in balancing the board when you step on while riding and during step off.

Its revolutionary electronic technology along with the robust industrial design work together cohesively and provide an excellent ride for the customer.


Its wheels have an industry-leading design with attractive alloys. The big wheels provide a ground clearance of 4.3”. This hoverboard has a turning radius of zero degrees, owing to the intelligent design of the wheels.

surfus hr junior 4.5 inch self balancing scooter review

It has high-quality rubber tires, which can handle all kinds of terrains. The tires offer long-lasting performance, and the wear rate is very less compared to other competitors.

In general, the tire characteristics change with respect to weather and its performance remains consistent throughout all seasons, owing to its superior design.

The entire board is built up of sturdy material with premium quality tires and aluminum rims that provide unmatched performance compared to other brands.


The dimensions of SURFUS HR JUNIOR 4.5 inch self-balancing scooter is designed in such a way that the rider can balance well without much effort. It gives a highly enjoyable ride since he/she won’t have a fear of falling or slipping down.

It can handle a slope of 15 degrees and hence, glide past most surfaces. The illumination gets a nice touch through the bright LED lights that are installed both at the front and the rear end of this hoverboard. Its best-in-class foot grip helps provide a comfortable and joyful ride.


Battery forms the main lifeline of this device which powers the entire device’s application. The hoverboard comprises a heavy-duty rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is used in significant home electronics, and it offers a high energy density, low self-discharge, and very less memory effect.

surfus hr junior 4.5 inch self balancing scooter review

The battery in this board puts out about 100-240V of power. Because of this, the board can quickly attain speeds of more than 7 mph, which is convenient for short distance travel.

The machine also has an LED battery balance indicator that helps you be aware of the charge levels. The battery and the other components allow a smoother and quieter running of this board.

It has enhanced battery charging protection, which ensures that the battery remains cool during fast charging.


  • Sturdy build and highly innovative body design
  • It’s very light in weight (40-130 lb) and can easily be carried around anywhere without any inconvenience
  • High strength Alloy design which combines toughness with easy maneuverability
  • Long lasting battery charge and a single charge allows more extended hours of travel
  • Safety first build-up with a patented mechanical design
  • Strong foot grip helps in precise control during turning
  • A warranty period of one year gives peace of mind
  • The battery takes only a couple of hours to charge and is very convenient
  • Bright blue colored LED headlights are attractive and also indicate the battery levels


  • The board costs at least twice compared to its competition
  • It can sustain up to 220 lb. Other competitor products have limits up to 240-250 lb

Summing up

Surfus HR junior has turned the age-old misconception of hoverboards being unsafe on its head. It has designed one of the safest hoverboards in the industry.

surfus hr junior self balancing scooter review

Although it costs more, people who never compromise on quality and safety would find the perfect companion in this hoverboard. It has set new benchmarks for a robust design and excellent engineering altogether.


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