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Space Chariot Self-Balancing Scooter

Product Name:Space Chariot Self-Balancing Scooter
Brand:Space Chariot
Weight:30 pounds
Wheel Size:6.5 inches
Max Load:350 lbs
Features:Rechargeable Samsung Li-Ion Battery, Gyroscopic Sensors, Battery Indicators, Rubber Bumpers, Anti-Slip Pedals, Bright LED Front Lights, 1-Year Extendable Warranty, Bright LED Front Lights, Battery Indicators

An excellent mode of alternative transport for urban dwellers is here for the people. With its eco-friendly nature, noise-less operation, and low maintenance, this is definitely going to get a big fan-following.

Space Chariot self-balancing scooter is that new-age vehicle which is suitable for traveling 10-15 miles once charged fully, making it perfect to travel within a park or do the nearby grocery shopping without any worry.

Space Chariot Hoverboard

With no steering or handle to hold, you are free to carry the grocery bags in both your hands! Before we get into a deeper analysis of this self-balancing hoverboard, let us first get a glimpse of its extraordinary features.

Features of Space Chariot Hoverboard


With users’ safety strictly in mind, space chariot 6.5″ hoverboard comes with UL2272 certification, which ensures that it is safety tested for internal short-circuit, overheating, battery capacity, and all other features needed for a safe ride.

Space Chariot 6.5 Self-Balancing Scooter

It has got its battery from Samsung, a reputed and reliable brand. Rubber bumpers and anti-slip pedals ensure that the rider maintains full control as well as momentum while riding this hoverboard.

Bright LED headlights show the road ahead as well as act as indicators during nights. This ensures that the riders do not feel themselves out of place with bike riders around them.

They too can hop up on their hoverboard and enjoy the night ride just as the same. It comes in a light-weight shell, which protects the whole motor-battery circuit from outer shocks and hence, ensures a smooth ride.


The best part of owning a hoverboard is its near to zero maintenance. With no tensions about diesel or gas prices, one can ride this just by charging for a maximum of 2 hours.

With a quality battery and powerful 500W motor, space chariot hoverboard proves that it is manufactured for adventure and efficiency alike. A motor this powerful for hoverboards is not very common in the market right now.

Once fully charged, it can travel up to 20 miles, which is yet another milestone. Even its load limit at 350 lbs is higher than its contemporary products, and this makes it ride-worthy even for people at the higher side of the weight.

Motor & Battery Specifications

With world-wide reporting of hoverboards catching fire due to their low-grade battery, the quality of battery has been raised to a bar by the space chariot.

It comes with Samsung’s rechargeable Li-ion battery with patented Sentryshield technology. It means that the battery is contained within an aluminum case, which prevents any accidental fire break-outs and casualties.

Space Chariot Self-Balancing Scooter

The battery gets charged within 45 minutes thanks to its unique charger. Once charged fully, it can support the ride for nearly 20 miles.

Even the motor in this hoverboard is quite powerful. It is of 500W, providing the hoverboard with constant torque and smooth running without any vibration.


Proper control and balance system are of utmost importance for hoverboards. Space chariot hoverboard comes with gyroscope sensors, which determine the speed and direction of the scooter based upon the weight, tilt, and center of gravity of the rider.

The speed of the hoverboard is controlled by the tilt of the feet. Speed can be increased by tilting the feet forwards, and it can be decreased by tilting backwards.

It comes with Bluetooth and a remote. One can have music as well as the control through this. Availability of a remote makes it easily manoeuvrable even for the new users.

It comes with a durable body and strong rubber tires. These tires do not go flat likes those of the cars, making it a long-lasting product.

Comfort Features

It might seem that comfort is not something of that importance for hoverboards. But the fact is that it is all the more important as well. You don’t want to have an uncomfortable ride and end up throwing it at a corner of your house.

It comes with the self-balancing feature, which gives you the confidence of riding without paying so much attention to your movement. Its smart battery management system lets you ride the hoverboard for a longer time.

Space Chariot Hoverboard

Space Chariot 6.5″ self balancing scooter is of lightweight, making it easier to carry. But the most important aspect is that this hoverboard needs to be treated equally as a car or bike.

You should always venture out on it after wearing helmet and safety pads and with a fully-charged battery so that you do not end up in the middle of the traffic.

It comes with a warranty period of 1-year which is extendable up to 2 years, something not found with other hoverboards in the market.

Pros &Cons

Hoverboards are still treated as a fad. Not proper attention is paid to it as an eco-friendly means of transport over short distances. However, hoverboard manufacturing firms have constantly been upgrading it. Still, it has got its share of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look over them.


  • UL2272 certification
  • 500W motor
  • Li-ion Samsung rechargeable battery
  • LED headlights
  • Patented sentry shield technology for battery
  • Lightweight
  • High load limit
  • Quick charging time
  • No noise created or fumes released
  • The maximum speed of 10+ mph
  • The 1-year warranty which is extendable up to 2 years


  • No backlights
  • Expensive
  • Long charging time
  • The hour-glass shape makes it prone to mid-way damages
  • No carry bag included

Final Verdict

Hoverboards are the futuristic mode of transport. With their noise-less, fume-less operation, they are definitely an eco-friendly way to commute over short distances. Space chariot hoverboard comes with all the world-class features to give the riders a safe, bump-free ride. This is definitely a product that is way ahead of its contemporaries.


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