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Segway miniPro Smart Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name:Segway miniPro
Weight:28 lbs
Wheel Size:10.5 inch
Max Load:220 lbs
Features:UL 2272 Certified, Dual Motor Engine, Mobile App Control, Anti-theft alarm and Speed Control

Segway miniPro is the ultimate winner when it comes to self-balancing scooter. The Segway miniPRO was developed by Segway with merger of Ninebot. A standout amongst the most overpowering certainty is that , it has passed the UL 2272 affirmation alongside numerous other most elevated flame and safety prerequisites by Underwriter Labs, after numerous enthusiastic tests.

This minipro gadget is by all means the most progressive hands free self balancing scooter with cutting edge innovation. It just measures 28 pounds. Simply envision an individual transporter to be such light weight. In the underneath picture observe the principal look of the segway minipro. After that we will walk-through you into Segway minipro reviews with complete details.

Segway MiniPro Review

Functions Of Segway miniPro:

  • The Segway miniPRO can oblige riders up to 220 pounds. The lower prescribed age/weight territory is 16 years of age or 85 pounds. This sort of limits the ridership at some extent; some hoverboard producers publicize an upper weight cutoff of 250-300 pounds.
  • It could be much simpler to travel through an airport, event congregation, or even an agriculturists’ business sector with a Segway miniPRO.
  • The Segway miniPRO can cover around 14 miles on a single charge, which is keeping pace with comparative products. It’s a lot of distance enough to hangout in town.
  • Novice users can exploit the unit’s apprentice mode; really, its required. New users must download the application and complete the instructional exercise rehearse on the Segway miniPRO.
  • There’s additionally that tallness flexible knee bar that riders can use to control; it looks sort of cumbersome yet is said to improve mobility over hoverboards where just foot weight steers the scooter.
  • The instructional exercise speed utmost is 4.3 mph, then riders can go as quick as 6.2 mph; as far as possible must be physically lifted through the application to hit the greatest 10 mph.

Segway miniPro Features:

Segway MiniPro

Segway miniPRO comes offers lot many features which certainly can not be overlooked. Here we have mentioned few of the noteworthy features.

Mobile App Control:

In current time, everything is worked with the assistance of a smart phone. So why not control your vehicle with your smartphone? The mini pro can be effectively controlled with an advanced mobile phone which has either Android or iOS operating system. Operation doesn’t mean just pushing ahead and in reverse. It also offers various features such as:

  • Speed can likewise be controlled with the application
  • Short riding instructional tutorials about riding the Segway Ninebot Mini Pro before starting the ride.
  • Controlling safety measures
  • Move the mini pro gadget
  • Move your mini segway remotely.
  • Adjust light settings, color settings and brightness
  • Upgrade the firmware to most recent forms.


On full recharge it can ride up to 14 miles or 18 kilometers. the mileage predominantly differs with the riding conditions like indoor or outside landscape, maximum burden etc.


Segway MiniPro Unboxed

Maximum speed the miniPro can go is 10 mile per hour ( MPH) . For an individual transporting device to travel through close by spaces , 10 MPH velocity is sufficient.


It is currently available in either black or white. Its double engine motor conveys 1600 watts of force. The unit has a lithium-particle battery and can go up to 14 miles on a full charge. A complete charge takes around 4 hours.

As far as wheels are considered, the 10.5″ pneumatic tires are evaluated for some indoor and open air territories from asphalt to pressed earth. The pneumatic tires were intended to ingest stuns and to strengthen traction. Also, the refined tread on these tires should keep riders safe by minimizing sliding.


Segway MiniPro LED

The miniPRO’s casing is produced using a tough magnesium amalgam which is regularly utilized as a part of the air ship and aviation industry. It is likewise covered with a consumption safe material to abstain from rusting.

The unit arrives in two sections.

The wheeled platform is shipped independently from the steer bar, which gets connected to the “centralized computer.” It effectively slides onto a metal neck and after that locks into spot. The knee control part can also be separated from the centralized server with the goal that it can be minimalistically stored.


  • Top rate of 10 mph
  • Padded knee control bar empowers exactness controlling with solace.
  • 800-watt double engine
  • Max scope of 14 miles
  • 5″ vacuum tires
  • Connect the Segway miniPRO with your smart phone to the application (by means of bluetooth)
  • UL 2272 Certified – meets every single new necessity and strategy set by Underwriter Laboratories for electrical and flame peril security.
  • Made of Aircraft evaluation magnesium composite edge
  • Customizable LED Lights
  • Provides military-grade stun resistance.
  • Dimensions: 10.3 x 21.4 x 20 inches
  • Charging Time: 2 to 3 hours.
  • Maximum weight for the rider in addition to all payload is 220 pounds
  • Weight: 28 pounds (12.5 kg)

Why you should get the Segway miniPRO now?

Segway MiniPro In Action

Segway’s miniPRO is additionally furnished with splendid head lights and tail lights that are obvious up to around 15 feet away. While purchasers need to check their nearby laws to see regardless of whether individual transportation vehicles are allowed on boulevards and walkways, it’s pleasant to realize that at a basic minimum, splendid lights are there to expand the odds that riders are seen by others on dim or dismal days.

Assembling the Segway miniPRO seems entirely direct in the wake of investigating the proprietor’s manual, however you won’t get the opportunity to ride off immediately. It takes four hours to get a completely charged battery. It’s suggested that shoppers re-charge the battery after each use of the Segway miniPRO.

Data about to what extent a battery will last before it should be supplanted isn’t promptly accessible. It’s critical to know this is not a battery you can change out yourself, so that is an expense of-possession component that should be considered. There are additionally a couple of other eccentric things that Segway miniPRO users need to know, as don’t ride it when the temp is beneath 23 degrees Fahrenheit; the cold weather influences problems in operation.


  • Elegant Look and development
  • Extremely simple to ride and control
  • Offers cross-versatile application coordination


  • Because of its stunning components and capacities, its cost is bit powerful. Aside from that we don’t discover any drawbacks.


To wrap it up, Segway miniPRO is the gadget-come-vehicle to own in 2016 and feel proud. This scooter is hands-free, self-balancing and uses bleeding edge innovation for its controls. This could be a superb decision for easygoing riders and wild-experience seekers alike. It offers a great deal of elements and functions which different scooters will probably not offer. You will discover Segway miniPRO very convenient even if you are a beginner.


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