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Ruichy Self Balancing 2-Wheel Electric Unicycle Scooter

Product Name:Ruichy Self Balancing Scooter
Weight:26.7 Pounds
Wheel Size:8 inches
Max Load:220 lbs
Features:Samsung high-capacity lithium battery, 1 year warranty

As a first time hoverboard user, I had doubts about purchasing a self-balancing smart scooter till I came across this brand. Ruichy Smart Self Balancing Scooter had so many benefits that I was sure I had made the correct purchase. When the package arrived and I opened it, I was proved right on many counts.

Firstly, the superior packaging ensured that the scooter was undamaged during its transit. Having purchased the scooter from Amazon, I was initially apprehensive about the state it would arrive in. But I was in for a pleasant experience.

Ruichy Self Balancing 2-Wheel Electric Unicycle Hoverboard

Ruichy Self Balancing Scooter Features:

  • This scooter is made of imported metal alloy.
  • It has a two-wheel auto balancing scooter motor which makes it easier, safer, and quicker to turn.
  • Turning radius of this scooter is 0 which means it can even be driven indoors or within constricted spaces.
  • This is a commuting machine and not a transportation device.
  • Product dimensions were 24X8X8 inches.
  • Shipping weight is around 26.7 pounds.
  • This electric scooter comes in 3 shades, but I chose blue.

How to Use Ruichy Self Balancing Scooter


  • The Ruichy scooter is a commuting machine and it should not be driven on the vehicular road.
  • Secondly, personal safety is a priority if you start feeling you are falling.
  • Make sure you avoid irregular and slippery surfaces such as, gravel and water.
  • Ensure that you wear safety gear for protective purposes such as helmets, elbow guards, and gloves.
  • Children must be placed under the supervision of an adult if they have to ride this scooter.
  • Under no account should this scooter be lifted off the ground while it is still switched on.


This self-balancing scooter was easy for me to operate and I felt absolutely no need to practice ā€˜nā€™ number of times before getting it right.

As there is no handrail, the arms can be moved around freely with ease and self-balancing or auto-balancing feature ensures that this machine can be used by almost anyone.

What this Scooter is best for: Sports, Entertainment, Shopping, Commuting, Traveling.

Here’s how to ride this scooter:

Ruichy Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter

Step 1: Press the power switch to turn on the electric scooter.

Step 2: The next step is to press on the footswitch and then press the other foot on the board to operate it.

Step 3: The scooter can be moved forward and backward, but jerky, sudden movements should be avoided.

My Experience With This Self Balancing Scooter

The Ruichy 2-Wheel Electric Scooter is an amazingly neat commuting machine. I found this segway without handles was a lot more fun to ride than an average segway. The contents of this package included the scooter, a charger with USB plugs, an English medium basic manual and a power adapter too. I did not find the need for a voltage adapter as the AC charger itself was 100-240 v.

I found the scooter quite lightweight and easy to carry (it weighs around 29lbs) even with one hand. However, kids may find it tough to carry this scooter using one arm. The scooter has a solid build and good quality tires. Also, the tires are made of solid rubber, so there is no question of enduring a puncture or accidentally driving the wrong way on account of skidding tires.

This Balancing scooter has a 2 pressure twin sensitive motor under each footpad, which is connected by a single horizontal axis. Putting pressure on the pads releases the motor and makes movement possible.

I found this mini segway to have many benefits, such as portability, ease of use, and intelligent motors that foretell your every movement and predict where you will be headed next. I chose a darker shade (blue) which was wiser, considering lighter shades are likely to become dirty very fast.

The Pros: Fast, Reliable, Efficient

Ruichy 2-Wheel Electric Unicycle Scooter

Here are some pros of Ruichy scooter!

  • The device comes pre-charged.
  • It can be charged in just one hour and powering on the unit is possible with a flick of the button.
  • This scooter can be ridden indoors with ease and it does not scratch hardwood tiles or the carpet.
  • Your scooter’s motor kicks in with the weight and progresses forward with ease.
  • This lightweight portable device is a speed demon, which goes lightning fast on account of its fragile yet sturdy frame.
  • Intuitive controls make it very easy to maneuver and turn the scooter. You can even spin this scooter while remaining in one place without moving forward.
  • Stopping is easy as all you have to do is press your heels and the scooter will slow down and stop.
  • Scooter can reach maximum speeds of 13 to 14 miles per hour which is amazing for a battery-operated device. I found the scooter has good mileage for an average running speed of 5 to 6 miles per hour. Also, there was no need to worry if I was going downhill while gathering speed. This is because the motor controls the speed and won’t go further than the maximum limit.
  • Battery life of the scooter lasts an average of 5 hours for every one hour of charging. I found the 110 WH Lithium battery to be very beneficial in terms of endurance, stamina and durability.
  • This scooter’s smart motor is another positive feature and its intelligent design is ergonomically constructed to ensure maximal ease of movement and comfort. I had absolutely no complaints after riding this scooter. The motor is even designed to make turning easy.
  • This scooter works fine on asphalt, hardwood and carpeted floors. Also, it even works on the grass. You can ride this scooter without worrying about the blades going into the tires.

The Cons: Limited Use, Not Scratch Resistant, Dust or Water Proof

  • There were some problems associated with the scooter as well. I found being lightweight made it responsive to sudden gusts of wind and damaged its stability and control.
  • Moreover, the scooter is not scratch resistant, nor is it dustproof or waterproof. In fact, I found the manual recommended that the scooter should not be taken on wet and slippery surfaces.
  • Apart from this, the scooter was a dream come true and a commuter’s delight.


Keeping all the points in mind, I would recommend the Ruichy self-balancing scooter to those who are looking for a blend of commuting and entertainment and intend to use it to traverse short distances. Its lightweight design, portability, endurance, and eco-friendly electric motors give true value for money. Buy this one with your eyes closed and you still won’t make a mistake.


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