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ORKAN Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name:ORKAN Hoverboard
Weight:22 pounds
Wheel Size:6.5 inches
Max Load:333 pounds
Features:Imported Li-Ion batteries, Smart solo ware technology, Bright LED lights, Long standby time & 3 Months Warranty

Come the pleasant weather and we all will rush outdoors. Some will enjoy sunbathing and some running. And then there will be you, enjoying on your hands-free self-balancing ORKAN hoverboard. Made with ultimate precision and style, this will make you stand out of the crowd.

With lots of safety features as well as comfort factors, it is a must buy this vacation. Be a part of the growing family of hoverboard lovers and glide your way down the street. A whole new world of adventure awaits you!

ORKAN Hoverboard

ORKAN Self Balancing Scooter Features

  • Imported Li-Ion batteries
  • Pure copper motor
  • Strong battery
  • Smart solo ware technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Dual gyroscope + dual tilt sensors
  • Metal patch induction panel
  • Bright LED lights
  • Temperature adaptable
  • Long standby time

Functions Of ORKAN Hoverboard

With lots of hoverboards in the market, stiff competition is bound to be there. In such a scenario, a quality product is bound to survive and thrive in the market. Orkan self balancing scooter is one such product with unbeatable quality at an unmatched price.


When you are investing in an innovative way of transport, a proper security check needs to be done. You cannot just climb on any hoverboard and wish to race through the traffic.

With UL2272 certification, Orkan hoverboard simply weeds out the fear of hoverboard catching fires. Additionally, this UL certification means that this hoverboard has passed following electrical, mechanical, & environmental tests:

Electrical testsMechanical testsEnvironmental tests
Overcharge testvibration testWater exposure tests
Short circuit testshock testThermal cycling test
Over-discharge testCrush testLabel permanence test
Temperature testDrop test 
Imbalanced charging testMould stress relief test 
Dielectric voltage withstand testHandle loading test 
Isolation resistance testMotor overload test 
Leakage current testMotor locked rotor 
Grounding continuity testStrain relief tests 

Its CE certification means that it conforms to European standards of environmental, health, and safety standards.

It has an additional certification from FCC which means that the electromagnetic interference from the device is within the limits as prescribed by the US government.

Any product with all these three-safety compliant certifications is quite uncommon with the hoverboards. Just what you need to be double sure about your safety!


ORKAN Scooter Tires

Since it is an e-mobility personal device, its efficiency is all the more important. It comes with Metal Patch Induction Pedal which means that it works perfectly well in extreme heat as well as cold. Even in -20 degrees centigrade! You can glide your way even on the snow.

Its small wheel dimensions make it perfect for all age groups. Doing spirals or steep turns is a child’s play with these wheels. The maximum attainable speed is 10 kmph which is pretty fast.

A long battery standby time of 2 hours up to 20 km makes it a champion for long glides across the street. With smart solo ware technology, this hoverboard is energy efficient as well.

When left unattended for several minutes, it turns off the hoverboard automatically. Its bright LED lights are strategically positioned to show you the way as well as act as an indicator during the dark.

Motor & Battery Specifications

Hoverboards are a gen-next mode of personal e-mobility, operating purely on their battery-motor combo. Orkan self-balancing scooter has a pure copper motor of 350 W. Copper motor provides it extra durability and safety.

With 4400 mAh Li-ion battery, it is sure to make people go in awe.


Manufactured with utmost precision and technology, Orkan hoverboard comes with dual tilt sensors and gyroscopes under each foot pedal. Both work in sync to determine your center of gravity, depending on your weight and position of your feet and then instruct the motherboard to move in a particular way.

You can balance yourself quite easily. To move ahead, the feet have to be tilted forward and to slow down or stop, simply tilt backward.

Comfort Features

You will hate your hoverboard if you begin to get cramps while riding it!

This hoverboard is made to make you addicted to it. So, the comfort features are over the top. Its most important feature is its auto-off technology which makes it an excellent battery saver.

ORKAN hoverboard will turn it off itself if it is left idle for several minutes, like when you get off to talk to someone. This saves a lot of battery life and gives you a longer ride.

ORKAN Hoverboard LED Lights

Bright LED display lamps to make it easier to ride in the dark and add an extra safety point too. With those lights, you are easily visible to the motorists on the road. With a 3-months warranty, you can be sure of getting good customer service.

Available in 4 colors, it is definitely a comfort-laden.

Pros & Cons

Any device has its share of positivity and negativity. Let us have an honest analysis of Orkan and decide for ourselves if it is worth our trust and tries.

Powerful cupric motorNo Bluetooth
Strong batterySmall wheel dimensions
Long battery standby timeNo all terrain wheels
Auto-off systemNo remote or key for additional control
Bright LED displaysHour-glass shape makes it susceptible to mid-way breaks
Metal patch induction pedalNo carry bag included
Good speedLittle expensive
High load capacity 
Short charging time 
Colour options available 
UL compliant 
CE & FCC certification 
Charger included 

Final Verdict

ORKAN Self Balancing Scooter

It is pretty tough to find a quality hoverboard in a competitive market flooded with many below-average products. ORKAN self balancing scooter spells quality and stands on top with its safety features combined with modern design and comfort. It is certainly a must-buy for the adventure lovers.



  • Avatar for nicole lenhart nicole lenhart says:

    hello we bought two last year for two of my young daughters and they could not even ride them until last week because neither of them could stand on it with it throwing them off, but last week they tried again and YEAH!!!!! THEY STAYED ON IT AND HAVE BEEN LOVING IT EVERYDAY ALL DAY SINCE!!. But my question is this, when we are charging the white hoverboard it beeps and flashes the red light the entire time its plugged in, WHY? Please help me to understand? Thank you so much Nicole Lenhart

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