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NHT 6.5″ Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name:NHT 6.5" Hoverboard Electric Self Balancing Scooter
Wheel Size:6.5 inches
Max Load:165 lbs
Features:UL 2272 Safety Certification, Bluetooth Connectivity, Powerful Dual-350W Motors, Up to 13 Miles From a Single Charge, 6.5" Vacuum Tires

You don’t typically expect top-shelf performance from an entry-level scooter. In fact, just as long as the basics are covered, that’s about enough. With the NHT 6.5″ hoverboard, it’s a rare case of getting more than your bargained for. And quite a lot more, at that.

Check out just about any NHT 6.5″ Hoverboard review and the consensus is pretty clear. Available at an impossibly low price is an all-purpose board that’s perfect for kids and adults of all ages. Designed with fast learning and enjoyable riding in mind, the NHT 6.5″ hoverboard electric self-balancing scooter has the kind of performance and pedigree that usually packs a premium price.

NHT 6.5 Hoverboard

Elegantly designed and with multiple LEDs for added safety in darker conditions, the NHT 6.5″ hoverboard is a full UL Certified machine that exceeds all expectations. From enjoyable commutes to leisurely cruises around the neighbourhood simply for the sake of it, the NHT 6.5″ scooter is a bargain-priced board you’ll never get tired of.

Now at its lowest purchase price to date, the NHT 6.5″ self-balancing scooter continues to represent outstanding value for money.
NHT 6.5″ Pacakge Contains:

  • 1 Main unit (scooter).
  • 1 Charging cable/Plug-In adaptor.
  • 1 User Manual.

Features of the NHT 6.5″ Self Balancing Scooter

  • Fitted with high-performance 6.5″ Vacuum Tires, the NHT 6.5″ hoverboard is designed to cope comfortably with a wide variety of surfaces. It does the business best on a relatively smooth service, but is also a solid performer on grass, hard dirt and so on.
  • The official top speed of the NHT 6.5″ scooter is 7.5mph, which is more than speedy enough for most adult and kid riders. The powerful dual-350W motors under the hood demonstrate impressive energy efficiency, keeping this top-quality board running for up to 13 miles from a single charge.
  • Bluetooth connectivity adds even more enjoyment to every ride. The NHT 6.5″ Hoverboard features a built-in speaker for entertainment on the go, which is of much higher quality than some of the low-grade speakers fitted to comparable boards.
  • nht 6.5 hoverboard review

  • UL 2272 safety certification means that the NHT 6.5″ scooter has been extensively tested and verified as safe for adults and kids alike. No risk of overcharging or overheating, thanks to the intelligent safety circuitry built into the device.
  • The latest self-balancing technology has been incorporated to make the NHT 6.5″ self-balancing scooter particularly easy to mount and dismount. It’s therefore a great choice for kids and adults with limited riding experience.
  • The manufacturer covers every purchase with an all-inclusive 90-day warranty as standard, which covers both faults with the device and general dissatisfaction during this period.

My Experience With the NHT 6.5″ Hoverboard

I’ve ridden a lot of boards within the sub-$150 category and I generally have pretty low expectations. Not that there aren’t some great low-cost boards out there, but you really can’t expect much for this kind of money.

To my pleasant surprise, the NHT 6.5″ Electric self-balancing scooter turned out to be one of a select few sub-$150 boards to really get the job done. Mounting and dismounting the board really couldn’t be easier. My kids and I all put it through its paces, and the stability of the board was impressive from start to finish.

nht 6.5 self balancing scooter

The NHT 6.5″ Hoverboard doesn’t have a huge array of special features and functionalities, but this at least makes it easy to operate. Right off the bat, you get the feeling that the 7.5MPH is more than sufficient – this is a board that feels nippy and manoeuvrable in the extreme.

We tested the board around the neighborhood on concrete sidewalks, grass and other everyday surfaces. It rarely showed any signs of losing power and performance – even when dealing with relatively steep inclines. I’m not the lightest of riders, but the NHT 6.5″ Hoverboard had no trouble carrying my sturdy frame at a decent speed.

I calculated that we got about 12 miles out of the board on average before it needed to be charged, which in my experience at least is excellent.

I’d have ideally liked the board to be waterproof, for the simple fact that it was raining almost the whole weekend we decided to test it out. But like I said before, you can’t expect all the features in the world for this kind of money.

The NHT 6.5″ self-balancing scooter doesn’t bring any particularly mind-blowing features to the table. But what it does, it does extremely well – and at a seriously affordable price.


  • Very nicely designed and built to last
  • Capable of carrying heavier adults
  • Extremely powerful twin-350W motors
  • Impressive range of 13 miles
  • Relatively lightweight and easy to carry
  • Sturdy and balanced when mounting and dismounting
  • Deals confidently with inclines
  • Exceptional value for money


  • Top speed could be a little faster
  • Not fully waterproof and it is unsuitable for wet weather


Considering the current low price of the NHT 6.5″ Hoverboard, the way it performs when put to the test is simply outstanding. Its maximum range of 13 miles is one of the best you’ll find within this price bracket, while the general power and performance of the motors is superb. It looks the part, rides like a dream and is an ideal board for the whole family.

nht 6.5 self balancing scooter reveiw

As mentioned, the NHT 6.5″ self-balancing scooter isn’t exactly bursting at the seams with fancy features and functionalities.

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Instead, it’s a no-nonsense board that focuses on what really matters. Hence, I’d highly recommend the NHT 6.5″ Hoverboard to anyone on the lookout for a simple yet effective scooter – one that performs way better than expected for such a low price.


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