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Metal Hummer Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name:Metal Hummer
Brand:WorryFree Gadgets
Weight:28 pounds
Wheel Size:8.5 inches
Max Load:220 pounds
Features:UL2272 Certified, Dual motors with 350-watt power, IP56 Certified water resistant tires & 25% faster than standard hoverboards

Hoverboards are really a cool way to navigate the tight spaces in urban areas. They are a more cost-efficient mode of travel compared to other modes such as taxis, and also, they reduce the exhaustion people may get due to fast walking to their offices, home, etc.

Recent times have seen an increase in the safety and performance of the hoverboard technology thanks to rapid technological advancements. It is an ideal time to invest in hoverboard technology if you are a technology-enthusiast and evince a great desire to improve productivity, using technology.

Metal hummer is one of the latest additions to the vast pool of options available in the market. They have come up with an impressive design with high aesthetic sense.

Metal Hummer Hoverboard

It balances the niche safety requirements of the hoverboard with the optimized build quality. It is also available in a wide range of colors and designs to select the one which suits your requirements.

Metal Hummer Hoverboard Features

The various features which make this product appealing are as follows:

Excellent Tyres

This product comes with high-quality tires, especially suited for all-terrain compatibility. Its wider tire means higher traction control and hence, has very fewer chances of slippage. It has passed the tough IP65 rating.

The tires are water-resistant, and the traveler can move through different terrains with confidence. The alloy metal and shock-absorbing rubber lugs ensure safety and stability during cruising on rough terrains. These tires also ensure performance on mud and grass surfaces.

Faster Travel

Metal Hummer Self Balancing Scooter

The maximum speed of 12 mph makes it faster than most of the competitors. It is also one of the key differentiators as until the battery reaches its warning level, the speed and the performance are maintained to their peak.

It increases productivity by getting you to reach your destination on time every time. Its sensible balancing ensures stability even at a faster pace to have a safe trip. Feel the speed when you are onboard.

Dual Motors

There are two motors that are located nearby both tires which ensure sufficient power to the wheels. The intelligent control system takes care of balancing the speeds with both the wheels.

It also ensures optimized power consumption and a higher rate of speed and torque for catering to all type of terrains. Two circuit boards support the intelligent system with high precision and high performing chipset. Feel the torque when you go for a drive with dual motors.

Ultra-safe Battery

Lithium-based 36V and 4 Ah high-quality batteries are the power source of Metal Hummer hoverboard. The battery is robust and powers up the device with a high power of 500 watts.

For charging the battery, it requires normal 110 to 240 AC volt, and 80 percent of battery get charged in just 30 minutes. It is definitely an ultra-safe and reliable battery with a good life. For safety, low battery protection is also available.

When the battery is less than 10%, the hoverboard experiences a decrease in the speed slowly and comes to a safe halt. This battery is maintenance-free and can be charged more than 2000 times. The charging of the battery can be done in 1 to 2 hrs.

Bluetooth Speaker

Meta Hummer Tires

Having music during travel is good. This hoverboard offers you the possibility of connecting highly efficient, and crystal-clear Bluetooth enabled speakers with your smart devices and playing your favorite songs on the move.

These speakers have good enough volume to jam out and which can be controlled as well. The connectivity is ensured by the latest technology and drivers, which ensure a hassle-free operation without any intermittent connectivity issues. Take a melodious ride while uplifting your spirits all the way.

Water Resistance

Cruising through outdoor terrains will definitely have its risk of coming in contact with water and water-contained substances. This hoverboard’s complaint IP65 protection ensures water-resistant features for trouble-free operation.

The compact design and grip of the tires will ensure stability even through pockets on the surface. You can actually enjoy the cruising through your garden just after the rain or any drizzle.

Advanced Features

It has an inbuilt GPS sensor and can be tracked if stolen. It comes with a mobile application in which the user can view the statistics and explore various parameters such as distance traveled, total discharging time, average speed, etc.

You can also get alerts related to low battery remotely and tackle easily the anxiety of getting stranded. The machine is actually built with intelligence in it which literally communicates with you whenever attention is required.

LED lights for illumination display proffer wonderful looks, and at the same time, it throws up illumination under the board for better visibility, thus guiding you in the night travel too. The power consumption of LED lights is very moderate which barely has any impact on battery performance.

The intelligent protection system is an added feature as it takes protective action against any short circuit or over current flow. The circuits are well-designed to protect from any obvious failure, which may happen due to electrical issues.

Supreme Performance

The Metal Hummer Self Balancing Scooter can handle a sloping angle of 17 degrees and breeze through all kinds of rough surfaces such as mud, dirt road, concrete, etc. The efficiently designed board keeps the user in balance, owing to its optimized center of gravity and weight distribution.

It has good torque characteristics. This also has footrest with non-slick rubber, which ensures a proper grip during the ride as well as when climbing up and down.

Since all the parts are reliable and self-sustainable, least maintenance requirements are there which makes its operation trouble-free. It is best in the class and value for money when you compare with all available competition products. A 12-month comprehensive warranty offered comes handy with this product.


  • It shows unbeaten performance at an even lower sloping angle than its competitors
  • It comes at an affordable cost packed with features
  • Build quality is superior with robust construction, having a wide foot space


  • It has a low clearance
  • Calibration is cumbersome, and the manual is not of much help


Metal Hummer LED Lights

The advanced features associated with this Metal Hummer-Off Road Smart Self-balancing scooter help in reducing the range anxiety associated with normal hoverboards and the industry-leading battery saves energy during each ride.

All in all, this product takes the performance expectations of the customers to a whole new level and delivers its promises spectacularly to the customers.


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