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Jetson Rover V8 Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name:Jetson Rover V8
Weight:35 lbs
Wheel Size:8.5 inches
Max Load:300 lbs
Features:UL 2272 Certified, durable design, Jetson Rover inbuilt Bluetooth app, smart Battery, dual 400W Motor, 1-year Limited Warranty, IPX4 Water Resistant rating.

Bored walking inside campus or making those short trips to the local supermarket? Why not try the hoverboard? A hoverboard ride is an exhilarating experience that everyone should try.

The design is simple yet very powerful, making your short trips a breeze, not to mention the envy you attract from your friends and neighbors.

While the past few years have seen numerous models of hoverboards flooding the market, the Jetson hoverboards have carved an indelible name in the field.

While the earlier Jetson V6 model had wowed users, the new upgraded Rover V8 is a monster machine that fulfills all your hoverboard dreams. Let us dive in and see what’s new in this upgraded version.

Jetson Rover V8 Hoverboard

Functions of Jetson Rover V8

The V8 model has some excellent improvements over the earlier V6 model, such as more power in the motor and a few changes in the design which by the way gives the scooter a stunning look.

All in all, the changes have made the hoverboard an exceptional model although the practicality and high user efficiency is similar to both models. Let us go over the functions elaborately.

All Terrain Rides

The powerfully built hoverboard can ride on almost any type of terrain, including grass, dirt, smooth surfaces, and gravel. So you will not have to worry about traveling on it anytime and anywhere.

The inflatable and sturdily built tires of 8.5 inches make riding a spectacular experience.

Safe and Worry-free Ride

The Rover V8 has several features that ensure the rider a safe and hassle-free ride. It has LEDs in the rear and front to help the rider as well as those who are approaching the rider, giving the visual cue, so it is safe to ride even under reduced lighting or during night time.

The UL 2722 certification guarantees the hoverboard has passed the necessary electric safety tests. The inbuilt app helps in controlling the hoverboard, thus making the ride easier and more fun.

Jetson Rover V8 Features

Jetson Rover V8

Multiple Mode Performance

Jetson Rover V8 has three special modes namely learning, professional mode, and standard mode. You can configure these modes based on your skill level so that you can have an optimal experience riding the hoverboard.

The LED lights for battery charge indication and lighting in the front and back along with foot pedals of strong non-slip grip enable the scooter to provide a wonderful performance right from day one.

Innovative Features

This three-speed self-balancing scooter is controlled with an exclusive smartphone app that lets you take control of your ride while making sharp turns, glides, and normal riding by just a slight shift in your body.

The hoverboard also has inbuilt speakers, so you can enjoy your favorite music or even podcasts as you ride, thus increasing the enjoyment of the ride more.

The app can be used for setting a password, so you can curb the speed when your kids ride too fast. The GPS tracking feature is very useful for keeping track of the hoverboard during your rides.

Jetson Rover V8 App

It helps to identify paved trails and even keeps records of miles you have covered as well as the music that you listen, saving everything in the memory of your smartphone.

Durable and Robust Performance

The Jetson Rover V8 has twin electric motors of 400 watts each, powering up the scooter and enabling it to clock speeds of about 10 miles per hour.

The sturdy body is designed to carry weights to a maximum of 231 pounds. The rechargeable battery along with the powerful motor helps in giving a ride of 12 miles just on a single charge.

The performance-enhancing features in the hoverboard include the 8.5-inch tires that can move on any terrain effortlessly. You can ride the hoverboard on gravel, grass, and other surfaces conveniently.

Independent gyros situated on the two sides of the hoverboard help in easy maneuvering on sideways and streets.

Exemplary Customer Support

The Rover V8 is designed with the premium quality materials and systems, ensuring users attain complete satisfaction. The manufacturer offers a money back assurance of 30 days, thereby helping users who are not satisfied with the product get a complete refund.

Furthermore, there is a one-year limited warranty period offered on the scooter. All these measures serve to assure the user about the top quality and performance of the product.


The Rover V8 has undergone the required safety regulation tests to certify the self-balancing scooter offers a safe ride always. The UL2272 certification ensures it provides complete assurance on electrical safety.

The V8 also has IPX4 certification, making it resistant to contact with water and dust. Users can ride through dirt and puddles effortlessly without worries about damage to the rover.

Pros and Cons

Jetson Rover V8 Self Balancing Scooter

With the Rover V8 being an upgrade of the earlier V6 model, the various cons in the earlier model have been dealt with effectively.

However, there are still some improvements that can make it a better deal. Here are the pros and cons of the V8 model.


  • An inbuilt app can connect with your smartphone directly for light and speaker control
  • Tires with all-terrain feature provide a sturdy and stable ride
  • Easy to switch between the different operating modes
  • Can be used safely by kids above 13 years
  • The free app can be used for comparing speed and distances with friends
  • LED lights are customizable
  • Ride can be mapped by GPS tracking


  • App is not compatible with all types of smart devices
  • App drains power fast
  • Kids may find it difficult to balance

Bottom line

Coming from the Jetson stable, the Rover V8 does have affordable, efficient, and smart features that are trademarks of the company products.

The inbuilt app, Bluetooth speakers, and tracking are real fun and increase the excitement of riding the hoverboard up several notches.

The 400W dual motor, low charging time, and sturdy design all add up to a formidable hoverboard design that is just right for a fun-filled and easy commute. We give this rover 4.0 rating out of 5.


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  • Avatar for Danny Hill Danny Hill says:

    Thanks for this helpful review. I want a hoverboard that I can carry in my backpack as I hike up moderate to steep city street slopes, then descend on the hoverboard instead of walking down. Can the Jetson Rover V8 handle hills? If not, which model can?

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