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IOCHIC SMART-C Self Balancing Scooter

Weight:10 Kg
Wheel Size:6.5"
Max Load:20-100 Kg
Features:UL 2272/CE(EMC&MD)/FCC/C-TICK/RoHS Certification, 250W Dual Motors, Solid Rubber Tires, Anti-slip Pedals,

Hoverboards or self-balancing scooters, whatever you would like to call them, are fun and exciting two-wheeled personal transportation devices, which are no doubt, here to stay.

Although, when at the time of their introduction in 2015, people were so excited to buy them, the craze soon disappeared as several incidents of these devices exploding, and catching fire were reported.

Within no time the sales declined, and they were out of the market. Cut to three years later, things have changed drastically, and the hoverboards are back in full swing again.

With improved performance, reliable safety features, and several celebrities endorsing them, not only have these devices made a huge comeback, they’ve become even more popular as a personal transportation device.


As the popularity and demand for hoverboards keep increasing at a steady rate, more and more brands are hitting the market day by day. A proud member of the hoverboard family with exceptional design features and powerful performance is the IOCHIC SMART-C Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard.

Functions of IOCHIC SMART-C Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard

With incredible features and powerful performance at a reasonable price, the IOCHIC SMART-C is one of the smartest and safest self-balancing scooters you can get. Its various functions include:

All Terrain Riding

The IOCHIC SMART-C 6.5″ hoverboard is not just limited to riding on smooth and flat surfaces. The 6.5” Alloy wheels and solid rubber tires of the device are capable of handling all terrains, even on rainy days. On this amazing device, you can conquer the rocky off-roads with reliable stability and grip.

IOCHIC SMART-C Self Balancing Scooter Review

Climbing Uphill

For the adventurous lot, who wish to climb uphill on the hoverboard, the IOCHIC SMART-C hoverboard is a good choice. The powerful motors, in addition to allowing faster rides on flat surfaces, also allow you to climb uphill on inclines up to 15° effortlessly.

Safe Riding

The IOCHIC brand is committed to providing utmost safety to their customers, and that is why every IOCHIC SMART-C self-balancing scooter they manufacture comes with UL 2272/CE(EMC&MD)/FCC/C-TICK/RoHS Certification.

The board is made of ABS materials and fastened with 20 bolts, ensuring maximum safety while riding. The built-in LED lights allow for safe riding in the dark. The device has anti-skid sensor pads that are made of high-quality natural rubber and designed in such a way to enhance control and prevent slipping.

The high-speed CPU, electronic direction controlling system, and an extremely precise gyroscopic sensor provide excellent stability while riding and spinning.

Prevents Overspeeding

If you ride the IOCHIC SMART-C hoverboard faster than its suggested speed limit, then immediately the self-control system and sensors get activated, triggering a warning alarm. This helps to prevent accidents due to overspeeding.

Features of IOCHIC SMART-C Self Balancing Scooter

The IOCHIC SMART-C hoverboard has almost all the features you would want in a hoverboard.These features are guaranteed to provide you a reliable, fast, secure, and an enjoyable riding experience. Here are the main features of the IOCHIC SMART-C hoverboard:

UL Tested and Certified

You can put behind the thought of your hoverboard exploding or catching fire because the IOCHIC makes sure that all their hoverboards are UL tested and certified.

IOCHIC SMART-C 6.5 Self Balancing Scooter Review

The IOCHIC SMART-C hoverboard has a “UL 2272” certification, which means that the device has passed an assessment of the battery, power supply, and the complete integration of these components.

The high-quality battery and electrical system provide superior safety by preventing short-circuits and power outrage.

Powerful 250W Dual Motors

The IOCHIC SMART-C hoverboard is powered by 250W dual motors that allow you to cover a range of 6 to 12 miles, reaching to a maximum speed of about 12kmph on the full battery charge. The powerful motor also makes climbing a 15° slope an easy and effortless job.

Smooth Ride

The solid rubber tires and 6.5” alloy wheels can handle all terrains. The device is equipped with anti-slip foot pedals, and a built-in LED light that allows for safe riding even in the dark environment. The IOCHIC SMART-C is rated IP34, making it suitable for being used on light rainy days or wetland.


The uneven roads and other external factors can sometimes cause the hoverboards to shake badly, triggering you to lose control and fall. The IOCHIC SMART-C, however, has an installed electrical connection system that prevents shaking.


With an alloy molded body frame and the body made of macromolecule synthesis materials, the IOCHIC SMART-C provides a high-performance anti-shock protection.


  • Stylish, trendy, lightweight, and easily portable
  • Powerful performance on all terrains
  • UL 2272/CE(EMC&MD)/FCC/C-TICK/RoHS Certified
  • 250W dual motors
  • Maximum load of 220 lb
  • Self -balancing
  • LED light for riding in the dark.
  • 10kmph max speed
  • 15° slope climbing and 6-12 miles range on a single charge


  • It takes about 2-3 hours for the batteries to be fully charged
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • No mobile app controls

Bottom Line

With immense advancements in technology, hoverboards or self-balancing scooters are not a rare sight anymore. To get the most out of these devices, make sure that you choose a trusted brand that caters to all your requirements.

New IOCHIC SMART-C Hoverboard Review

The stylish, lightweight, and easy-to-use IOCHIC SMART-C 6.5″ self-balancing scooter is not just fun and exciting but also a great device that lets you travel with ease.

This feature-rich and UL certified hoverboard is perfectly designed to ensure maximum safety to the rider. Made of high-quality materials and designed for all terrains, this amazing scooter provides fun riding for kids and adults alike.


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