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HYPER GOGO 6.5″ Self Balancing Scooter

Weight:17.6 pounds
Wheel Size:6.5"
Max Load:165 LBS
Features:UL 2272 certification, up to 7.4 MPH, High Quality Bluetooth Speaker

When I was asked to put the HYPER GOGO 6.5 inch Self Balancing Scooter through its paces, I was initially sceptical for two reasons. First of all, it seemed a little on the expensive side for the specs on the box. Secondly, I’m always sceptical when a board with 6.5-inch wheels claims to be ‘all-terrain.’ This really isn’t ever the case, as there isn’t a 6.5-inch board on the market that can deal with surfaces like dry sand or loose gravel.

HYPER GOGO 6.5 Hoverboard

Still, I’d seen this thing once or twice online and saw that it had pretty decent reviews. So, I decided to put my assumptions to one side and give it a go as objectively as possible. Priced in the region of $230, it seemed like a pretty high price to pay for a board with budget-level specs.

Nevertheless, I’ve come to learn that what’s written on the box isn’t always an accurate representation of what’s inside. The question being – how did the HYPER GOGO 6.5 inch self-balancing scooter perform when put to the test?

HYPER GOGO 6.5″ Hoverboard Contents:

  • 1 Main Unit (scooter)
  • 1 Charging Cable/Plugin Adaptor
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Carry Bag

Features of HYPER GOGO 6.5 Self Balancing Scooter

  • According to the manufacturer, this is a genuine all-terrain scooter with solid off-road capabilities. In which case, it would be a seriously decent buy for this kind of price.
  • The latest self-balancing technology makes the HYPER GOGO 6.5 scooter easy to mount and dismount, even for those with little to no riding experience. It, therefore, comes highly recommended for children and first-timers.
  • Boasting a top speed of 7.4mph and a charging time of 2 to 3 hours, the HYPER GOGO 6.5″ Hoverboard self-balancing scooter has similar performance claims to most boards within this price bracket. However, the manufacturer provides no direct indication of its approximate range.
  • HYPER GOGO 6.5 inch self balancing scooter

  • Every HYPER GOGO 6.5″ self-balancing scooter has been put through an extensive range of safety tests, and it has received full UL 2272 certification for total peace of mind. Something of a yardstick for safe boards from responsible manufacturers.
  • A high-quality Bluetooth speaker is built into the board, which connects directly to any mobile device for additional entertainment on the move.
  • The HYPER GOGO 6.5 inch ships complete with a one month warranty from the manufacturer, along with the promise of dedicated 24/7 customer support if any issues are encountered.
  • Suitable for adults and children, the board has a published maximum weight capacity of 165lbs. Considerably lower than some comparable boards, but still more than sufficient to carry the vast majority of riders.
  • As an added bonus, a convenient carry bag is included in the package for easy transportation.

My Experience with the HYPER GOGO 6.5″ Self Balancing Scooter

If I’m honest, I didn’t have particularly high expectations when trying out the HYPER GOGO 6.5″ Hoverboard. It seemed a little on the expensive side, and I didn’t see how it could deliver the promised off-road performance. The fact that it can only carry riders as heavy as 165lbs concerned me somewhat – most boards I’ve been testing recently do the business up to 260lbs or more.

Still, I gave it around 2.5 hours to charge and headed outdoors to see what it could do. First of all, mounting and dismounting the board was easy as pie. It’s an extremely stable board with a genuine feeling quality – it also looks pretty great. I was sent a camo design to try out, which wouldn’t have been my first choice, but was still very nice to look at. It also had an impressive configuration of LEDs, which I know kids love especially mine.

HYPER GOGO 6.5 self balancing scooter

On smooth and flat surfaces, the HYPER GOGO 6.5 self-balancing scooter cruises around at a speed of around 7mph, which is decent enough. I reckon I got a total range of about 8 miles out of it, with the battery lasting just over an hour from a single charge. During which, it did the business just fine on hills and flat surfaces alike, without losing any power or performance.

Off-road well, it was as you’d expect from a good 6.5-inch board. Hard dirt, short grass, and so on – all handled smoothly and effortlessly. However, there isn’t a chance in hell I’d be using this thing on sand, snow or loose gravel. It’s unrealistic to expect such a compact board to do the business on all types of terrain, so the manufacturer’s description could be a little misleading.

It was an excellent board to spend time with on more typical surfaces, but I’m not sure I’d call it a true off-road board. As such, it’s also perhaps a little more expensive than I’d expect for this kind of performance and relatively generic features. I was also a little concerned by the one-month warranty – why so short?


  • Available in a range of striking colors and designs
  • Decent overall power and performance
  • Suitable for kids and adults alike
  • Performs well on a variety of surfaces


  • Not waterproof so unsuitable for wet weather use
  • Definitely not suitable for all-terrain types
  • A little too expensive for what’s on offer
  • Limited to adults up to 165lbs maximum


Whether or not I’d recommend the HYPER GOGO 6.5 Hoverboard depends entirely on the price. I’ve seen some sellers advertising these things for close to the $250 mark, which I think is far too much. However, I’ve also come across a few listings for less than $200, which is just about right.

HYPER GOGO 6.5 hoverboard

There’s also a second version of the board available with larger tyres, which I imagine is significantly more versatile. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the HYPER GOGO 6.5 self-balancing scooter – it does the business and is extremely enjoyable to ride.

It’s just that as is often the case, the manufacturer may have been a little too creative in terms of what it’s actually capable of. An excellent all-round board it is, but a genuine all-terrain board it is not. And if you happen to weigh more than 165lbs, you need not apply.


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