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Hoverstar 6.5 Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name:Hoverboard 6.5"
Wheel Size:6.5 inch
Max Load:180lbs
Features:Anti-fire Material, 24V / 4A battery you can hit max speed of up to 10 MPH, UL Certificated.

The Hoverstar 6.5 inch Hoverboard has been around since the summer of 2018, yet continues to prove a top-seller for adults and kids worldwide. In this Hoverstar Hoverboard 6.5 review, we’ll be taking a look at what it is that makes this Hoverboard such a huge and ongoing success story.

Now at its lowest price to date, this 6.5-inch Hoverboard from Hoverstar continues to represent exceptional value for money. Gorgeously-presented and packed with cutting edge technology, and its launched to enormous fanfare last year.

Hoverstar Hoverboard

Even in the face of such stiff competition, it quickly became a best-seller and earned a solid reputation among critics and customers alike.

The question being – how does the Hoverstar Hoverboard 6.5 stand up from a 2019 perspective? With things having come such a long way for the industry, does this iconic board still cut it where it matters most?

Features of the Hoverstar Hoverboard 6.5

  • According to the manufacturer, this 6.5″ Hoverboard boast the kind of cutting-edge gyroscopic technology that makes it as easy as possible for the rider to mount the board. All of which makes the Hoverstar the ideal choice for kids, or for parents who aren’t blessed with perfect balance.
  • There’s also no denying the outright visual appeal of the Hoverstar 6.5″ Hoverboard, which today is available in at least 10 different colours. Some of which also feature LED wheels, making for the most eye-catching aesthetic impact when the board is in use.
  • The generously-sized wheels with firm rubber tyres guarantee a smooth and comfortable ride on the vast majority of surfaces. Even when heading out off-road, it’s still more than capable of dealing with whatever you throw it away.
  • Hoverstar Selfbalancing sooter 6.5inch

  • Under the hood, the Hoverstar 6.5″ electric self-balancing scooter is powered by a hefty 400-Watt (200-Watt x 2) motor, which is capable of hitting a maximum speed of around 10 miles per hour. More than fast enough for leisurely cruising, commuting and generally enjoying the great outdoors.
  • In terms of range, the Hoverstar self-balancing scooter has a relatively limited range of 8 miles max, which is a little lower and some of its closest competitors. But still more than enough to justify its incredibly low purchase price.
  • Comprehensive safety certification and fire-resistant materials add up to one of the safest and most reassuring boards of its kind on the market right now. The manufacturer has gone the extra mile to ensure all safety concerns are addressed.
  • With a maximum capacity of 180lbs, this 6.5-inch Hoverstar electric self-balancing scooter is perfectly suited to adults and children of all shapes and sizes. It’s also remarkably easy to use, making it great for beginners with no past experience.

My Experience

The first thing you notice about this Scooter; is its wall-to-wall build quality. Along with looking absolutely awesome, it has a general feel of quality about it. There’s a certain weight to the Hoverboard 6.5″; that instils confidence and lets you know it was built to go the distance.

Put to the test, it’s incredible how an affordable Hoverboard can deliver such a smooth and balanced experience these days. It was once a case of paying top-dollar or settling for a wobbly and uncomfortable experience – not the case with a kit like this I can personally guarantee that even if you’ve never stepped on a board before, you’ll be flying around like a pro on this self-balancing scooter in no time!

Hoverstar Hoverboard 6.5inch

What also becomes apparent once you start moving is the huge power of the motors under the hood. Delivering a combined 400-Watts of power, you genuinely get the feeling that absolutely nothing will stand in the way of this thing. Even when the terrain gets rough and inclines to get challenging, it still does the business without faltering.

Speaking of which, get to work with the Hoverstar Hoverboard 6.5 on a smooth surface, and you’ll know its 10mph top speed is more than enough. Zippy and nimble in the extreme, it really is an absolute blast from start to finish.

If anything, the only slight downside the Hoverboard 6.5 brings to the table is that relatively modest maximum distance of eight miles. When pushing the motor hard, you’re actually looking at more like six or seven miles at the most. Nevertheless, you really can’t expect everything when paying such a low price for a board that otherwise ticks all the right boxes and then some!


  • Simply stunning to look at and available in various colours
  • Delivers a consistently smooth and enjoyable ride
  • Perfect for adults and kids – 180lbs maximum rider weight
  • High-quality materials and quality manufacturing
  • Well-balanced and easy to ride for beginners
  • Decent top speed and powerful dual-motors
  • One of the smoothest and most comfortable rides on the market by far
  • Generally impressive value for money


  • Limited range of 8 miles max
  • Not fully waterproof so unsuitable for wet weather
  • A little on the heavy side


All in all, you can’t help but be impressed by the Hoverstar Hoverboard 6.5 UL 2272 Listed Self Balancing Electric Scooter. Just a year or two ago, this is the kind of money that would have bought you a dilapidated or downright dangerous board of little use to anyone.

Hoverstar Hoverboard Review

Today, a budget-friendly board like the Hoverstar 6.5 Self Balancing Electric Scooter delivers the goods on a level that’s almost too good to be true.

Ideal for kids and adults alike, it’s great as both a toy and for leisurely cruising outdoors when the weather allows. Ideal as an entry-level board to get to grips with riding and currently available at an astonishingly low price.


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