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GT Hover GT8 Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name:GT8
Brand:GT Hover
Weight:40.4 pounds
Wheel Size:8.5 inches
Max Load:265 pounds
Features:UL 2272 Certified, Bright LED headlights and rear lights, IPX4 water-resistant body, Certified LG Lithium-ion battery & 1-year warranty

Surfing on waves has got a distinct thrill. The unpredictability and the adrenaline rush cannot be found anywhere else. So, what to do when you are away from the beach?

Just grab GT Hover GT8 Hoverboard and surf your way out on land. Designed with utmost attention paid to the safety and balance, this will surely help you to get the goosebumps you need to have an adventurous day.

GT Hover GT8 Hoverboard

From being a fictional thing to reality, these hoverboards have traveled a long way. They have always faced the flak of being unsafe and incapable of traveling to all-terrain.

With the GT8 Hoverboard, the Californian Company has put forth an ultra-safe mode of outdoor sports with the thrill of surfing. Truly, you can feel the adrenaline rush both on and off the road.

GT Hover GT8 Hoverboard Functions

This hoverboard comes with a lot of practical features that make it popular among the seekers. Let’s take a look at its functionalities:


At a time when parents worry about the safety standards of hoverboards, GT Hover GT8 self balancing scooter is UL 2272 CERTIFIED (GT HOVER UL ID Z#E491129) and comes with its distinct no-fall technology.

With bright LED front headlights, it offers a clear view of the path and ensures a safe ride too. For the nocturnal animals, its rear LED light is a super safety measure as it does the job of an indicator.

Equipped with 8.5-inch aluminum wheels and flat tires, the chances of losing balance are down to zero. It has got three training modes – beginner, normal, and advanced.

All that the user needs to do is install the free GT Hover Mobile APP and select the mode; the app allows having full control over power, speed, and steering.


GT Hover GT8 Self Balancing Scooter

Users of roller skates must be aware of the difficulty when they cannot skate their way up on an incline. But the GT8 Hoverboard scores here. Its 8.5 inches all-terrain on and off the road aluminum wheels allow a hill grade of whopping 20 degrees.

The never-flat tires free you from the hustle and bustle of tire maintenance. It additionally ensures the safety of the riders from the tire damage accidents.

Once charged, it can travel up to 10 miles at one go, attaining a maximum speed of 12 mph. It has a battery life of 2 hours, and if not driven aggressively, it can run for an extra half an hour.

And no need to miss your hoverboard journey on rainy days as it is IPX4 water-resistant. You can just grab an umbrella and go enjoy a beautiful ride. A super cool product with on-the-top efficiency measures, this is all you need to have a stress-free enjoyable hoverboard trip.

Motor & Battery

The GT8 self-balancing scooter comes with dual electric motors of 800 watts each. It comes with a UL 2271 certified LG Lithium-ion Battery and a UL certified charger.

And since the battery is UL 2271 approved, it is highly resistant to:

  • External short circuit
  • Abnormal charge
  • Forced discharge
  • Crush
  • Shock
  • Vibration
  • Heating
  • Temperature cycling
  • Damage from low pressure
  • Extreme projectile
  • Drop as in wear and tear
  • Internal short circuit


The free GT Hover Mobile APP is offered with this product. All you have to do is install the app and go! You have then got your hoverboard under control.

The hoverboard gets its control, steering, and speed via Bluetooth. Equipped with three training modes (beginner, normal, and advanced), it is quite convenient for the newbie too. Its USP is the no fall technology, which makes it super safe.

Comfort Features

It has got inbuilt Bluetooth speakers, which you can connect to your smart device through the GT Hover app for Android and iOS. Once done, you have the power of music on your ride.

You can choose to listen to the local radio or your favorite playlist. Also, you will love to stay tuned to the current events while you have a fantastic road-surfing experience.

Since it is a means of hands-free transportation, it can be used literally anytime and anywhere – while doing shopping, when you are within the office or just taking your pet for a walk.

GT Hover Hardcore Case

And in addition to this, it has got a carry bag too. So, you can carry it wherever you wish to and enjoy the ride at your will.


  • No-fall technology
  • Excellent quality material with high durability
  • Hands-free operation through Bluetooth
  • 8.5 inch all terrain Aluminum wheels
  • Bright LED headlights and rear lights
  • IPX4 water resistant
  • UL 2271 Certified LG Lithium-ion Battery and UL Certified Charger
  • 3 training modes in the app
  • Carry case
  • 1-year warranty


  • Battery life of only 2 hours makes it unsuitable for lovers of long road trips or to places with no charging facility. It does not have the convenience of skateboards, which can be used as long as you wish for
  • A bit too lengthy charging time of 2 hours
  • A bit pricey for the quality of Bluetooth speakers and battery life they offer
  • Weight restriction makes it unsuitable for heavy-weight persons
  • Its own heavyweight makes it inconvenient to carry easily
  • Some support needed to get on and off of it

The Verdict

GT Hover GT8

A beast in terms of its features, GT Hover GT8 Hoverboard, has everything to give you a safe hoverboard ride.

Its no-fall technology, robust body, app-powered control system, and three training modes make it a hot favorite for anyone interested in an eco-friendly mode of future transport. This, certainly, is going to be your next favorite mode of transport.


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