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Evercross EL-ES04 Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name:Evercross EL-ES04
Weight:32 lbs
Wheel Size:8.5 inches
Max Load:264 lbs
Features:UL2272 Certified, Heavy-duty lithium-ion Battery, All-Terrain 8.5” Alloy Wheel, 15 km/h Max Speed, 1-Year manufacturer warranty

Behold the future of transportation. Arising from the imagination of the inventors, hoverboards are set to change the face of local transportation. No more boring taxis, no more long and exhausting walks! Travel has never been fun and exciting before.

Packed with high performance and excellent build quality, hoverboards are the much-needed companion for you to commute to the office, shopping, schools, and the like. They are an instant attraction for kids and youngsters, and they enable you to make a style statement.

Designs of hoverboards are being innovated rapidly in today’s market, and there are various manufacturers, making this product.

Among all of them, Evercross is a European company which is focused on providing the best quality and value for money to its customers. It stands a class apart and boasts of an industry-leading hoverboard design.

Unique Features of Evercross EL-ES04 Hoverboard

Evercross EL-ES04 Hoverboard

All Terrain Design

Evercross EL-ES04[/easyazon_link] has been designed from scratch with all-terrain performance in mind. It travels effortlessly in a wide range of terrains such as grass, dirt, concrete, etc. It gives consistent performance and is extremely reliable.

It has a rugged platform, which can handle weights up to 220 pounds. Its non-slip footpad design helps in riding the hoverboard without falling and gives the confidence of a cool ride. It comes in bright, attractive colors, which exude a mysterious yet quirky style.

The LED lights in front provide good visibility. You can use the hoverboard for night time travel too. It has attractive LED lights on top that indicate the battery status and its rear lights are useful for signaling other riders of braking, turning, slowing down, etc.

High Performance

Evercross EL-ES04 hoverboard gives the best in class performance and excels in all drivability characteristics. Its top speed of 15 km/h is unbeaten in the industry, and it gets you to places swiftly.

Evercross EL-ES04 Self Balancing Scooter

It has a reliable and high-performance battery and all your fears of unsafe battery, low life, etc., are a past dream. It has a beefed-up 400W dual motors and its record acceleration characteristics makes ride fun and thrilling.

It never fails in slope areas as it can effortlessly navigate even 15 degrees of slope. It can carry heavy loads up to 264 lb and has one of the highest load-carrying capacities. Indeed, it is very difficult to find a hoverboard with so many features in the market.

Energy Conservation

Evercross EL-ES04 self balancing scooter has advanced technology, which enables good energy conservation. Its intellisense technology can adjust the hoverboard acceleration automatically according to the driving situation.

It balances the gravity very well and gives optimal power consumption. It has an hour-glass shaped platform, which is both ergonomically designed and optimized for lessening the air resistance. It has air cooling technology, which takes away the heat and helps to keep the battery in the right temperature range.

It comes with a Bluetooth application, which connects to the hoverboard wirelessly. Your smartphone can collect information such as battery charge, maximum speed, total distance traveled, etc.

This information is displayed in user-friendly app design and has various analytics options to give useful insights so that you can use your hoverboard more efficiently.


The battery pack design of the hoverboard Evercross EL-ES04, is unique and has safety as the most important parameter. The packing is made of polymer material, which gives it good heat dissipation performance.

Evercross EL-ES04 Battery Pack Safety

For the battery to charge efficiently, the temperature should not exceed 40°C. The battery of this hoverboard operates well within this band and charges in 1 to 2 hours. It is fire-resistant and water-resistant which offers great peace of mind while riding.

It has all the safety certifications of UL 2272 and passes all legal requirements with flair. Evercross takes consumer safety seriously and has designed a unique sturdy and heavy-duty body that adds to the protection of the battery from any mishap.

It has good stability characteristics, owing to its body balance technology. You don’t need to worry about stumbling or slipping when you ride this hoverboard.


  • Powerful motor gives good acceleration and high performance
  • Smooth ride and good handling make it a convenient ride
  • High quality battery from trusted brand LG with great care given towards safety
  • It has a high maximum speed of 15 kmph and increases productivity by getting you to reach the destinations faster
  • It has a higher battery capacity and can store more charge. This gives longer range for the hoverboard
  • Mobile app design is good and has a great user experience
  • Its advanced features like Bluetooth speakers are pure fun and provide a great value for money


  • Warranty is provided for only one year. While there are manufacturers in the market that provide 2-years warranty
  • Its 8.5-inch tire is not impressive compared to 10-inch tire provided by other manufacturers
  • The product is quite heavy at 32 pounds and makes it hard to move around once a charge is depleted

Summing up

Evercross EL-ES04 On Road

Hoverboards are promising, and they attempt to make the future of transportation individualistic and exciting. Recent advancements have made them a great choice for commuting everywhere in the world, and Evercross EL-ES04 hoverboard leads the pack.

It has an eco- friendly design with a focus on energy efficiency and is an excellent choice for people who want to reduce carbon print. With its sleek design and strong build quality, this product captures your heart and renders a good value for money.


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