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EPIKGO EL-ES03R Self Balancing Scooter

Product Name:EPIKGO EL-ES03R
Weight:33 pounds
Wheel Size:8.5 inches
Max Load:200 pounds
Features:All terrain capacity, Bluetooth audio, Tail and headlights, UL2272 Certified, Over 10 miles per battery charge and 1 year warranty

If you crave for fun, adventure and thrill in your routine life, there are many sports you can take up to achieve it. An off the road hoverboard is one such option that is highly enticing. The hoverboard allows you to glide over rocky and bumpy terrain with ease.

Technological expertise has made hoverboards easy to traverse rough terrains such as unpaved paths, rocks, shrubs and more. The EPIKGO EL-ES03R Premier balancing scooter is a hoverboard with off-road capacity that lets you have an incredible adventure cruising through tough terrains with élan. Let us see the features and functions of the EPIKGO EL-ES03R hoverboard in detail.

EPIKGO EL-ES03R Hoverboard

EPIKGO EL-ES03R Self Balancing Scooter Functions

The Premier Series from EPIKGO is an upgraded version of the earlier EPIKGO Classic model. The upgraded version has additional features like a better range and Bluetooth capability. Let us see the functions of the Premier series EPIKGO balancing scooter EL-ES03R in detail:

Better performance

EPIKGO EL-ES03R Premier self-balancing scooter has built-in dual motors of 400-Watt capacity. Lithium-ion battery provides the needed power for the hoverboard to maneuver through different obstacles in rough terrain.

The 9 miles per hour range is a great range for a hoverboard and the time taken to charge is very low at 1 to 2 hours maximum. The motors help increase the speed, range and incline that the hoverboard can handle effortlessly.

The sturdy build makes it stable while traveling at high speeds and handles sand and dirt roads with equal capability.

Rider safety

The 8.5-inch tires with high tread make it easy and safe to travel on rough terrain. The battery is UL certified and tested with a 150-point inspection assuring a high level of safety for the rider.

The fin guards made of rubber along with the laser engraved decals provide a sleek look and safe ride. The firm grip grooves on the footrest further help in non-slip and better grip balance when you use the hoverboard.


EPIKGO Premier Series Self Balancing Scooter

The EL-ES03R EPIKGO hoverboard weighs 33 pounds, which is slightly higher than its competitors, but still, it manages to wow riders with its easy maneuverability.

The headlights of high intensity and blinkers on the rear help increase visibility and to help in easy recognition by other vehicles while driving at night time. The model is available in three colors including elite silver, space gray, and a golden hue.

The internal Bluetooth helps to listen to music as you ride the balancing scooter. This balancing scooter has the inbuilt gyroscopic digital type of sensors that seamlessly alter the ride speed base on your natural movement and body weight.

Features Of EPIKGO EL-ES03R Premier Series Hoverboard

UL2272 certification

The EL-ES03R Hoverboard is powered by LG Smart Lithium-ion batteries that are UL 2272 certified.

The certification is provided after the battery passes 159 tests related to safety standards and this makes the hoverboard potentially safe from fire hazards.

Dual Motors

EPIKGO EL-ES03R Hoverboard

The all-terrain hoverboard performance is supported by 400watt dual motors which enable the hoverboard to breeze through all types of rough terrain including hazards, bumps, sand, dirt, and slopes that have a steep incline of even 18 degrees.

Fast charging

The Lithium-ion LG battery is endowed with smart technology ensuring it provides the same power even after many charging cycles.

The recharging takes around 1 to 2 hours, and the hoverboard can provide a range of 12 miles on a single charge. The maximum speed the balancing scooter provides is 10 miles per hour.

Wireless Speakers

This Premier EPIKGO model has inbuilt wireless speakers of 10w to boost your riding experience. You can listen to your favorite music as you have fun riding on the sturdy and sleek hoverboard.

8.5-inch wheels

The wheels of the EL-ES03R self balancing scooter are bigger and sturdy in design. This ensures they go over rough terrain easily without being stuck. The hoverboard also easily clears the regular door threshold.


The EPIKGO EL-ES03R self-balancing scooter has a one-year limited warranty and a return period of 14 days.


  • More powerful when compared to competitor models
  • 30% bigger than its competitor hoverboards
  • Traverse’s slopes of 18 degrees
  • 400Watt capacity dual motors
  • UL2271 certified battery


  • Bigger size makes it difficult to carry around when you are not using it
  • Is not the ideal size for smaller kids
  • The minimum weight limit for riders is 44pounds

Bottom Line

EPIKGO Premier Series Hoverboard

Designed by EPIKGO, a Silicon Valley company, the EPIKGO EL-ES03R Premium balancing hoverboard is a smart and sleek scooter that takes care of all your safety and durability issues in any terrain.

With some effective upgrades done in the model to overcome the drawbacks present in the earlier models, this hoverboard is an ideal all terrain self-balancing scooter.

The hoverboard is equipped with strong and innovative features that make riding on streets, grass, roads, gravel and even hills at an inclination of 45 degrees a breeze.

With a single charge withstanding up to 10 miles you can easily reach your destination fast and make a style statement without compromising on your safety.

If you love riding your hoverboard outdoors, the EPIKGO premium is perfect as it withstands all types of weather and can conveniently travel in the grass, mud, rain and other tough road conditions.

The 10w Bluetooth speakers and dual motor along with UL2271 certification for the hoverboard make it an ideal vehicle for rough terrain. High efficiency, speed, and style are added benefits the hoverboard provides.


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