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10 Best Self Balancing Scooter Bags

When it comes to taking care of things we love we are truly perturbed about the fact of how to keep it safe and in good condition. Apart from good handling and maintenance, it must be kept secured and protected too. In this era of 21 century invention and creation of technical gadgets have gone beyond our imagination.

Giving your gadgets an extra comfy feel all you require is a bag to keep it secured. Now bags are available that best fits your self-balancing scooter. It’s easy to carry with stunning look and design to match your taste and style. If you are still unknown about the good-looking comfy bags for self balancing scooters, here are few amazing bags that will definitely guide you and you want to stalk it for your self-balancing scooter.

Best Self Balancing Scooter Bags:

Best Self Balancing Scooter Bags

1. Michael Josh Durable Waterproof Bag

This is one of the high-end self balancing scooter bags which is unique. This luggage bag designed for your two wheels is freaking awesome which will free your hand. It is made with premium quality nylon which is durable waterproof.

The bag is fashionable, washable and convenient for carrying with smooth zipping. Solid and durable hand straps with wheels like trolley bag which is a perfect fit for 6.5’’ scooter boards. It has a small pocket too for carrying smaller stuffs.

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2. U-good Scooter Bag:

A nylon fabric, fashionable, durable bag which fits your smart two wheels. The main attraction of this bag is its water-resistant which prevents your smart wheels from getting wet under rain or snow.

Bag is lightweight which has a Mesh pocket with straps for carrying adaptors and other small things. Smooth zipper operation and a durable hand strap with Velcro Cover. It’s compatible for different kinds of hover boards.

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3. Eco-Fused Waterproof Backpack:

For a good storage and carrying your smart wheels this waterproof bag is all good to go. This bag pack is made from strong and durable nylon with two zippers that gives maximum access to the backpack allowing you to store and put your scooter with great ease. Since its waterproof it will protect your scooter from rain, now etc.

It has a Mesh Pocket which is an ideal spot to store your adaptors and extra necessary stuffs such as mobile chargers, sunglasses, etc. This bag is equipped with adjustable straps for comfortable carrying. It also has a Carry Handle so that you can hang your backpack on a coat-hook when not in use.

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4. KOSOX Balancing Scooter Bag:

A carrying bag for your smart scooter made with Oxford fabric and is also water-resistant. This cool designed and lightweight bag is durable and great for travelling. It best fits scooters with 6.5’’-7’’ and length less than 23 inch. A High quality product made with anti-tear Oxford cloth and is washable.

The upgraded edition of this bag has 8mm increased shock proof protective layer. It’s more solid & durable. Two way carrying option with top handle and shoulder strap. Removable non-slip shoulder strap provides comfortable carrying options except function of wear-resisting & sturdy. This case has two side pouches where you can put the charger & accessories. Main compartment with 2 zippers and allows for quick access to necessary items.

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5. GameXcel Self-Balancing Scooter Carrying Backpack:

680D Oxford material nylon and storage dimension that fits two-wheel scooters with size 8 inch or less. Length is 26 inches. Wheel bag diameter is about 9 inches. This waterproof, strong and durable bag will protect your hover drifting board from rain, snow, etc.

The bag cannot be submerged in water. The mesh pocket is the ideal spot to store the charging adapter and also your phone, drink bottle, wrist guards, sunglasses, etc. is has the adjustable Shoulder Strap.

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6. Zhao&ans Black Bag:

Electric smart wheel bag made of nylon fabric which is hard-wearing and beautiful. It perfectly suits 10 inch 2 wheels self balancing scooter.

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7. Myshine Scooter Bag:

This fit for scooters with 7.5 inch wheels or less, and length less than 23 inch. And bag’s load capacity can up to 20kg-30kg (about 44lbs-66lbs). It’s made with nylon fabric which is easy to carry with a good quality and anti-water material.

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8. Camouflage Electric Handheld Bag:

Military style with beautiful and stylish liner design, this bag can easily compatible with several two-wheel drift scooters shape and its fits for scooters with 6.5 inch wheels and length less than 23 inch.

Bag’s load capacity is about 20kg-30kg (44lbs-66lbs). And the bag is made of Oxford cloth, which will be durable and water-resist for using. This case has a mesh bag, where you can put the charger in.

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9. CUBE Self Balancing Scooter Bag:

If you are looking for some affordable bag for that smart wheel here is one that will serve your purpose. It is made up of high quality nylon which weighs 320gms.

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10. UFashion3C Self Balancing Scooter Backpack Bag:

Very easy to carry, durable fashionable bag brought to you uFashion. It’s handy and has two belts so that you can carry it on your back and stay hands free. This has a netlike bag on top where you can secure your batteries. It’s a 10 inch bag with good quality material with affordable price.

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Everything is kept on the table and so now it’s your turn to choose that best fits your smart two wheels and rock the floor. If you have any other self balancing scooter bags that you’ve been using and liked it, do not forget to mention in the comments section and share with our readers.

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