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5 New Hoverboards Of 2016

So you are searching for some new hoverboards in the market to simplify your buying process, right? If your answer is positive then we got to say you arrived at right place.

Take a look at our top recommendations for new hoverboards of 2016.

Our top proposal for the best self balancing scooter is with no questions Swagtron T3 self balancing scooter. Swagtron brand is widely loved when it comes to hoverboards and T3 is the perfect product of them.

However, take a look at our reviews of five new hoverboards of 2016.


Wheel Size
Maximum Load
Maximum Speed
Our Rating

Swagtron T1Swagtron T1

Wheel Size : 6.5 inch
Maximum Load : 220 lbs
Maximum Speed : 8 mph
Our Rating: 4.5/5

Swagtron T3Swagtron T3

Wheel Size : 6.5 inch
Maximum Load : 220 lbs
Maximum Speed : 8 mph
Our Rating: 4.4/5

Segway miniProSegway miniPro

Wheel Size : 10.5 inch
Maximum Load : 220 lbs
Maximum Speed : 10 mph
Our Rating: 4.5/5

Skque 10 InchSkque 10 Inch

Wheel Size : 10 inch
Maximum Load : 264 lbs
Maximum Speed : 6.2 mph
Our Rating: 4.4/5

Skque 8 InchSkque 8 Inch

Wheel Size : 8 inch
Maximum Load : 220 lbs
Maximum Speed : 6.2 mph
Our Rating: 4.2/5

1) Swagtron T1

Swagtron T1 - Best Hoverboards Of 2016

The cutting edge SwagTron T1 is the most secure and the best hoverboard available today. It is the best hoverboard in the business sector and sets the standard for all the hoverboards.

Talking specifically for T1, SwagTron T1 comes including SwagTron protected Sentry Shield Battery. SwagTron T1 highlights a smoother and all the more settling apparatus and engine framework. What’s more? The T3 components non-slip footpads and once again learning mode that builds the adjustment to make it simpler to learn for first time users.

The Swagtron is accessible in a few colors, Dark Red, Blue, Black, Exclusive Gold, White, Pink.

The Swagtron T1 works like the other smaller than usual Segway self balancing scooters. There are two foot cushions that you remain on and relying upon the tilt of your foot decides the bearing of the Swagway. Tilting forward propels the scooter. Tilting back moves the scooter in opposite. Utilizing blends of tilt will make the hoverboard turn easily and efficiently.


  • Comes with UL Certified Battery
  • Covers 12-18 miles in 1 charge
  • Available in variety of colors
  • 1 Year Warranty-substantial when acquired from approved merchant.


  • It takes 3 hours for full charge
  • Not Water Proof


The Swagtron T1 get a kick out of the chance to call themselves a self balancing electric skateboard, yet other individuals call them hoverboards or smaller than expected Segways. What ever the name you utilize, they are unadulterated fun. We truly like the Swagway T1 and trust it is most likely the best value for money alternative.

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2) Swagtron T3

SwagTron T3 Self Balancing Scooter

The genuine test of a hoverboard is the experience of the client, and in this regard the SwagTron T3 increases present expectations. It has been improved with numerous user experience features and safety majors. The SwagTron T3 has overhauled ABS shells, is lightweight, and has a savvy battery administration framework that gives you a chance to get the most out of your battery’s charge.

The Swagtron T3 Hands-Free Smart Board highlights the most recent in creative wellbeing components including an exceptionally composed, lithium particle battery pack secured with SentryShield Technology, LED Development, battery administration and battery marker lights, and UL 2272 certification.

With a Bluetooth-empowered Android or iOs smartphone, just download the Swagtron application and screen speed, check battery status, listen to music, and the sky is the limit from there. Stop and energize in the wake of moving the board by means of its inherent conveying strap easily.


  • Numbers of colors to choose from
  • Comes with exceptional safety framework
  • It is also UL certified


  • A bit higher cost yet absolutely justified, despite all the trouble


All and all, it’s an impeccable fit. It comes with Safe Stop Technology which alone to make it standout amongst its rivals . This new tech is software and hardware controlled. It has not any more hard ceasing like with the previous Swagway, which used to build dangers of falls. Rather, stops are continuous and buttery. Most noteworthy thing is that they have an US based organization backing both the transportation and warranty for the item.

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3) Segway miniPro

Segway MiniPro Review

Regardless of the speed, the Segway miniPRO is tranquil, responsive and smooth, a genuine happiness to ride. It could stop on a dime, and we found that it has ability to weave all through groups of individuals with the subtlest of body developments. It takes care of slopes effortlessly — You will never feel like you are going to pitch forward or in reverse off the hoverboard.

However, before starting with Segway miniPRO, the company suggests you install the application on your smartphone (both iOs and Android are supported) and pair it by means of Bluetooth with the rider. If you ride it without doing as such, the Segway miniPRO will provoke you, constant, with an irritating beep until you at last introduce the application and completion the underlying product demo.

Segway miniPro has steering column which reaches out up from the cener of the Segway miniPRO, is finished with a couple of padded knee cushions. You will need to change the bar up a couple notches before they were situated directly between your knees.


  • Has Wonderful configuration
  • Extremely easy to ride
  • Speedier
  • App takes care of everything


  • Bit costly as well as little heavier


Segway MiniPRO is not the least expensive self-balancing hoverboard available, yet it is obviously the best. Indeed, even with the world’s most confounding item name, it would be cakewalk for you to use, You will feel much more enjoyable to ride miniPRO and more secure than practically everything else in the hoverboard space.

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4) Skque 10″ Self Balancing Scooter

Skque 10inch Scooter

The Skque 10 inch Self Balancing Scooter can be considered as another winner in the list giving a more steady ride and a speedier reaction, making it more secure and less demanding to control. The turning span can be zero, which implies that it can be worked in an exceptionally contract space, achieving verging on each conceivable spot where individuals can make.

You can likewise stop on it and even turn 360 degree in a spot. Simply venture on, you will have the capacity to ride it. It conveys two driver engines inside the wheels that can be controlled with both feet exclusively for simple turns, revolution, quickening and smooth breaking.

The Batteries utilized as a part of the Skque Smart 10 inch Scooter are the Samsung Lithium battery which is of 44k mAH and having a 158W capacity. As these lithium particles, batteries are certified by USA govt. You can ride more than 20-25 kilometer without much stress with this quite a bit of power and listen to music too.


  • Perfect size. It’s not precisely little and isn’t sufficiently slarge enough to be viewed as a full size segway yet.
  • Long-enduring battery life
  • Stylish and Comes in variety of colors


  • Don’t accompany manufacture warranty, need to purchase externally


Skque 10 inch Smart Scooter is far more intense and amazing as compared to its rivals. You can do all the thing with this 10-inch scooter as opposed to the 6.5 inch one. The scooter effectively figures out how to give a ride of the 23 kilometers at a Speed of 9 Km/h on a single charge and we are playing music constantly.

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5) Skque 8″ Self Balancing Scooter

Skque Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Skque Smart Self Balancing Electric 8 inch Scooter comes in 3-4 colors with enumerating on them which are red, blue, balck and white. The Smart Scooter smooth in outline and with 10 inch wheels you get great ground leeway. So you can ride it anyplace you need. It’s a top of the line gadget made with brilliant material which is exceptionally magnificient for the riders.

The Exterior is composed of hard plastic which is exceptionally unbending and covered by sparkling paint that looks so awesome. Be that as it may, if you hit the scooter on something hard it will get scratched effortlessly. So be careful with this thing. The Exterior of the Skque 8 inch Smart Scooter looks extremely intriguing in light of the fact that there is some itemizing that is done on the external structure of the savvy electric scooter which looks exceptionally pleasant.

On the base side of the brilliant scooter, there are two speakers which are associated with Bluetooth. So you can without much of a stretch match your gadget and play music. There are two driven lights on the front side of the savvy scooter which are brilliant and you can without much stress make sense of what’s in the city while the evening time.


  • It charges quick in only 70 minutes you will be able to rock the road.
  • Full Wheels security with an expansive of metal on them.
  • Long-enduring battery


  • Don’t come with manufacturer warranty. You need to buy it externally if you wish.


Skque 10 inch Balancing Scooter is made by the solid material. The first occasion when you will get the Scooter and begin riding it, you will find that the Skque Self Balancing Scooter much more intense. The scooter comes factory charged and when you begin riding the keen scooter you will be entirely great with item quality.

Scooters get smashed easily yet this scooter doesn’t get single scratched on rough terrain. It has a top speed of 12-14 km/h. The scooter goes up to the separation of the 18 kilometers with a normal speed.

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