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Top 5 Brand New Self Balancing Scooters Of 2016

Self balancing scooters are two-wheeler skateboards that run on electricity. They are also known as hover boards and they have twin motors along with the gyro sensors which provides hovering experience too. Since beginning you will start enjoying the fun riding. Most of the users take hardly one or two hours to master them.

These hover boards are safe and highly commutable. They are being very popular among kids and youngsters now a days. In this article we are going to provide information about the top five brand new self balancing scooters available in the market based on their qualities and specifications.

5 Brand New Self Balancing Scooters Of 2016:

1) Swagway X1

Swagway X1

Swagway X1 is a hands free two-wheel self balancing electric scooter, which is becoming very popular because of its strong battery life and good top speed. It is priced at $399.99 as of now on Amazon so doesn’t sound expensive too. Though, it has a plastic body and gets damaged if hits a solid rock. It is advisable to let the unit cool after having a ride before plugging the charger.

Who is it for?

It is good for beginners as includes a leaner mode to reduce the speed and learning the basics. Due to strong battery backup you can use it for a long trip and share with friends or family members.

Frame and Fork

ABS plastic body which is prone to scratches and shakes on top speed at times. It ships in four colours white, red, purple and Green. Wide foot panel  along with two 7 inch wheels let the user stand comfortably on it and ride smoothly. You can move or take forward it by tilting your feet. It’s a light weighted scooter that looks awesome.


It has the maximum speed of 10 mph, which is faster than its competitors. Once charged, it can go up to 12 to 18 miles or last for 5 hours, which is one of the key factors of making it a best seller. It comes with 1 Year Warranty if purchased from an authorized dealer. It can climb up to 15 degree angle. It is easy to learn and simple to use.


Doesn’t have a metal alloy body, can be damaged or gets scratches when hit. You cannot jump curbs with it and it’s not waterproof either.


If you have never used a hover board and need one to master it, Swagway X1 is a good option for you. People can also buy it for their kids as it’s not too heavy and top speed can be restricted by leaning mode.

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2) Skque 10 inch Self-Balancing Scooter

Skque 10inch Scooter

Skque Smart 10 inch Self Balancing Scooter has a sleek design with nice ground clearance. The device combines high quality build and useful components. It comes in 4 colours black, white, red and blue.

Who is it for?

This is highly suitable for those who want to use a scooter on a daily basis and not bothered about pricing. It does have an attractive look and user feel comfortable while riding so its good for the age groups.

Frame and Fork

It’s a smart electric scooter which has a stiff body and made of hard plastic. The exterior is coated with shiny paint which gives a glossy intense look to it. The scooter has two led lights on the front that are bright enough, users can use them while riding at night. The size of the wheels is around 10 inches and they are covered by aluminium rims to ensure protection of tires.


It’s a self balancing Scooter that comes with a 10-inch inflatable wheelbase. This extra-ordinary device can travel up to 12 miles after a single charge. Skque 10 inch comes with a wireless remote so that users can control the movements. Those who are new can also handle it with ease as they can always turn on the beginner’s mode. Skque 10 inch Self-Balancing Scooter is also packed with Bluetooth speakers at the bottom so that users can listen to their favourite music while they are on the go.


It doesn’t have alloy frame and if you hit any rock or something else which is harder than it will get scratches for sure.


Skque 10 inch Scooter is priced at $649.99 and sounds a bit expensive, but due to its amazing functionality and solid build, it becomes one of the best options available in this range.

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3) Swagtron T1

Swagtron T1

SwagTron T1 is dedicated to learners and can be considered as the safest self balancing scooter. It offers new operation modes with easy functionality and strong battery backup. Currently available at e-commerce website Amazon and offline retail chain best buy.

Who is it for?

The New SwagTron T1 is priced at $399.99 so it is very economical and easy to learn so good for beginners. It has a built-in learning mode, which reduces the speed when a new user learns the basics and once you become a master of it, switch to  full throttle. A normal user can get a hang of it in few minutes and easily understand the functionalities in almost half an hour.

Frame and Fork

The SwagTron T1 has a Hard ABS Outer Body Casting with strong rubber wheels on aluminium rims which ensures protection from dents and scratches. It is packed with bright LED headlights to provide clear vision at night. The scooter is easy to carry and weighs 9.9 Kg (22lbs). Dimensions are 23 x 4 x 7 inches. The SwagTron T1 is available in black, white, blue, pink, red and gold colors.


SwagTron T1 allows continuous smooth ride for approximately one hour and can travel up to 12 miles in a single charge. Top Quality Brand Lithium with Sentry Shield has been used to source power  and has the capacity of 100 – 240 Volts. The average charging time is around 1 hour and it increased customer safety as well. The scooter can bear up to 100 Kg of weight and can run at the top speed of 8 mph.


Few people may complain about the slow performance, but once you switch from learning mode to performance mode, you won’t experience anything like that. Compare to other top self-balancing scooters in the market the top speed and range are lower, but it can be ignored because of the safety features added.


The SwagTron T1 is a 2272 Certified which means represented samples have been tested by UL to determine that the product meets UL’s published and nationally recognized safety Standards. The brand value of SwagTron and reliable customer service are other key factors that make this scooter more appealing.

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4) Swagtron T3

Swagtron T3

Swagtron hover boards are UL 2272 Certified which ensure safety as well as quality. Swagtron T3 is priced at $499.99 but includes many features that are available in more expensive devices. T1 and T3 both come along with hardware and software controlled Safe Stop feature to avoid sudden stopping.

SwagTron T3 features Swagtron SentryShield multi-layered protection on the battery and are built with high-end components to give smooth riding experience.

Who is it for?

The T3 is for those users who seek qualities such as Bluetooth, carry strap and an app in their advanced hover board. You need to pay $100 extra than T1 to buy T3, but you will still find it economical due to its outstanding performance and excellent features.
Frame and Fork

The T3 has a sleek design which is quite similar to the previous generation hoverboards, but there are a few features that exceed T3 from its predecessors. It is easy to port due to an in-built carry strap made of solid fabric. T3 offers better Hard ABS Outer Body Casing along with aluminium Wheeled Rubber Tires prevent the outer body from scratches and dents.

Bright LED headlights with Motion Indicator lets you ride freely at night. Dimensions of the hover-board are 23 x 4 x 7 inches and weight is around 9.9 Kgs (22 lbs). T3 ships in 6 colours black, white, blue, dark red, pink, and gold.


T3 has an in-built Bluetooth which is UL 2272 certified. You can connect it with your mobile phone and listen to your favourite music while riding. The scooter includes the Swagtron app which keeps an eye on your battery, the app also helps you to track the route history and contact support desk.

In T3 user gets 3 different riding modes learner, standard and advance which makes it suitable for beginners as well as experts. You can take it with you to any hilly area as well because it can climb up to 30 degree. T3 can bear up to 100 Kgs (220 lbs) of weight and provides maximum speed of 8 mph. Alike T1 it can also ride for 1 hour and cover approximately 12 miles in one go after full charging.


There is no such drawback. Though, people may find maximum speed in standard mode comparatively low. There design also doesn’t look too fancy.


People might go for T1 because most of the users buy such products for their kids and spending $100 extra may not suit them but many users want better quality and advance features and for them T3 is the best option available in the market as of now.

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5) Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

Do you want to go for a long ride on your scooter, well! if you Powerboard by Hover-board then it’s possible because offers tremendous battery life of 6 hours in one go. Apart from that its easy to understand the functions and safety features along with advance self balancing technology make it highly suitable for users of all age groups. Lets have a look at the specifications one by one.

Who is it for?

Powerboard is definitely the best options for those who use scooter daily to travel near by. If you live in a small town or village most of the places can be on walking distance from your home, then use it for the entire day by using the battery sparingly to roam freely everywhere.

Frame and Fork

The best part of the powerboard is its built quality which makes it solid as well as safe. The scooter is a bit bulky and Weighs 26.47 lbs (approximately 12 Kgs). A user of any age group and height can easily stand on it as the wide foot panel is covered with an anti-slip matting which prevents the user from any sudden fall or slipping by loosing balance.

It is available in various colours like black, white, blue and red. The dimensions are 24.25 x 9.875 x 8.375 inches and it comes along with a carry bag too.


Dual-gyroscopic sensor technology has been used to make the Power board. The dual-hub electric motors allow smooth acceleration silently. It can turn on 360 degrees. Learning basics of Power board are very easy and most of the users don’t take more than 5 minutes to learn.

It can continuously ride for 6 hours after a single charge and requires 1 hour for full charge. The maximum weight-bearing capacity of this self balancing scooter is 220 lbs (99.79 Kgs) and the maximum speed is 6.5 miles per hour.


Its being emulated by many companies and user may purchase a fake power board instead of the authentic one it mostly happens when people buy power board online, in such cases getting a refund is also difficult that’s why we advise users to buy it from authorized dealers or sites like amazon.


Its one of the best-selling scooters and build as per high quality manufacturing standards. Alike other hover-boards, power board is also UL 2272 Certified which ensures that important safety guidelines have been followed while making the product. Power board offers a one year warranty as well as effective US-based customer support.

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So these are the top 5 self balancing scooter brands in 2016, if you want to purchase any of them, then we advise to buy them through authorized dealers to get the authentic product and other facilities like a warranty or other accessories. We also suggest our viewers to take the guidance of an expert while riding for the first time.

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