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6 Tips You Should Know Before Riding The Self Balancing Scooter

Self Balancing scooter designed with two wheels, one each on both side and two small platforms between the wheels for the rider to stand and balance on. It is a rechargeable scooter which can run on battery and is a perfect medium of fun ride for children’s. Shane Chen’s invention became as popular now, in the whole world as he was the first inventor and user of hover board- another name of the self balancing scooter.

Many people are interested in it to enjoy the same fun like the others and it is affordable too. Famous celebrities have also shown their passion for it in their films, so why are you waiting for it, but before that follow some guidelines for a safe ride.

6 Tips For Learning To Ride The Self Balancing Scooter

Tips To Learn Before Riding The Self Balancing Scooter

Avoid Risk On Rainy Weather:-

Control over scooter is very necessary as there is no other facility giving it to balance on. So, it will be risky for you to ride during the rainy season as this little device cannot take control on wet roads and even are not waterproof. It’s better to avoid the rainy season and extreme climate for this purpose and even avoid Wet Street on normal days.

Remove Items for Way :-

If you want to ride and use it at home, then firstly you need to remove furniture and all essential things from that place to ride on. In order to avoid any kind of injury during the ride from sharp things kept on the way, just avoid those and rearrange all to enjoy your ride.

Ride on Correct Platform:-

Avoid riding over carpets though it’s thick or thin as it makes the uneven platform to balance. A slippery floor is dangerous for you to ride on as they are very smooth and slippery to create a disaster. Thick carpets restrict wheels to move and change directions and thin carpets can make you fall down. So it’s better to choose flat and dry surface.

Avoid Traffic:-

Self balancing scooter is not a vehicle to ride in high traffic area which can result in an accident. It is just a fun ride to enjoy your weekends, so don’t take the risk of riding in traffic. As it is battery made so it may stop after some distance and you will be left unprotected in traffic areas. So choose safe places like your home, streets, highways, parks etc.

Take Essentials With You:-

Before riding out of the house you should take some essential things with you like a helmet or cap in order to protect yourself from any head injury if you fall. You can apply sunscreen before going out. As you will spend several hours outside so you need protection and relief so it’s good to have water with you. If you are a new rider just have some first aid with you.


If you are going to have a long distance ride, then helmet protection is necessary to ride you a safe way. Though it’s not necessary for experts as you are not in a traffic area, but my advice would be to use helmet those are just practicing to ride and balance.

It’s a fun ride and safe too, it is also used in big malls in order to transport items or products. Even students are using it to go school too. So, you can also plan to buy one from an onine store or marketplace in affordable price and enjoy the ride but keep safety rules in mind.

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