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How To Choose A Self Balancing Scooter

Reviews are the best bet when it comes to choosing a self balancing scooter. However, besides only relying on those, it is equally advisable to do the homework yourself, since the following post will arm you with the researched, detailed and authentic knowledge of how to choose a self balancing scooter:

Choose A Self Balancing Scooter

Features of safety

The hoverboard with additional safety features such as protection mode warns you with a beep sound, in the event if the speed crosses a certain limit. Another warning that hoverboard start beeping, if the battery becomes less than 10% and it eventually comes to a halt after turning slow. In the process, it ensures you to be prepared of the lurking danger by going through slow speed and you immediately gear up as well.

Volume of wheels matter

The size of a self balancing scooter is a prime concern especially if you want to gift your kid of less than14 years.  The best thing to take a note in a self balancing scooter is its diameter. The market is abundant with various designed scooters for kids and they are specially manufactured keeping in mind the foot size as they are comparably smaller, apart from being of less weight as well. As we know in the event if a kid has to carry a hoverboard at some point in time, then he/she can take easily.

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Kids are recommended to go for smaller wheel boards as they automatically become lighter. Then there comes a technical aspect of how high and low you want your board to be. Like the expected space which you want to ensure below your board. You can easily choose according to your requirement. A larger wheel size is the best bet if you are looking for larger ground clearance.


While you choose a self balancing scooter, you need to check the range of hoverboard, which in an ideal situation should be atleast 10 kilometres. If you compromise on lesser aspect, then it will actually become your liability of carrying it every now and then. There are factors which also determine the range of batteries like that of body weight, type of flooring or I should say terrain which you move through, quality of battery as well as that of hoverboard along with the speed. It takes around 1 – 2 hours to charge it.

Inspect that the batteries are of quality

The lifeline or the backbone of self balancing scooter is the battery. After all, a hoverboard with a great quality battery can actually ensure a time of ease and comfort. On the other hand, the battery with frequent discharge will only create problems where it may get discharged half way through and you again have to return to charge it.

The battery with low quality material might slow down while being in motion which create a force for the rider where he/she get thrown in the forward direction, thus injuring himself/herself in the process. A substandard battery is also known to explode by way of the flames. A branded battery of renowned company should be used and make sure, it is shouldn’t be a replica of the brand, but it should be actually original.


The scooter with additional features might cost a bit more, but it’s worth the bet.

Final thoughts

Finally, now, your journey of cornering down the best one isn’t an uphill task as you have read the aforesaid tips on how to choose a self balancing scooter.

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